In light of the TransDimensional Energy work done on the recent trip to Egypt, there are several questions that arise. To begin, would you tell us, how successfully did the groups in the U.S. connect with the group in Egypt?

It would be a great understatement if I were to say the two groups connected well. They merged so beautifully that the Heart Portal work was not possible until the second major ritual in Egypt, after the first U.S. ritual was done, so that the energy from the ritual here was able to contribute to the work done at the Portal.

The group here put out an energy that then became a part of what was available in the earth’s energy, and that additional acceleration was accessible to those who were doing the work in Egypt. It had not been accessible at the first Egyptian ritual, at Karnak, which rendered that just a practice session. That was good, but once the U.S. groups did their first ritual, all of a sudden the energy became so charged that I was able to create a different ritual in Egypt, making it into something that would be much more active and powerful. So I would say it was a smashing success.

What actually occurred on and off the planet during the focused energy work, on both an individual and a worldwide scale?

Well, of course, true to the idea of the microcosm and the macrocosm, what was going on individually was what was happening on a worldwide scale.

First, speaking of the individuals: As I’ve been saying with a wink and smile, you’ve made a grave mistake; you’ve shown me what you can do, because what happened for those individuals who were working specifically from the United States to send energy to those that were in Egypt for that working is that they succeeded magnificently.

That required two things to happen. Over and above knowing what needed to be done and having practiced it together, it required merging in a way quite unlike any merger that I’ve been asking you to do in the Celestial Voice work. And it was quite beautifully done. The merging was much more on a molecular level. Literally, you were able to release the physical blueprint. That does not mean that you disintegrated, translated to another part of the planet, and reestablished. That’s not what I was after. I was after your being able to release the physical blueprint.

The physical blueprint places a limit on how high your frequency is able to function based on what your physical body is able to hold. If you can move out of your pot, it won’t crack when you reach high frequencies. If you cannot move out of your pot, it will crack. The merging work that you were able to do took you out of that blueprint, out of your pot altogether, and expanded it. It was sort of like a drop of water in the ocean. A drop of water on its own isn’t much, but when you add many, many, many drops of water, there is a great capability which had not been there before. The work that was done in the merging was one drop of water connecting in with many other drops of water in such a way that the pot was larger. You weren’t moving out of the pot, you weren’t stopping the physical experience; you were changing it. And you did it. You did it!

Now, as a result of that merging, and by focusing on a golden pyramid, at that golden pyramid you were making a connection with a totally different sort of energy, the energy of those who were doing the workings in Egypt combined with mine. So this pot was still a pot, but now all of a sudden it was a pot that had changed shape.

Now, if you have a pot that looks like a cup, for instance, it will have certain uses, but if your pot looks like a bowl, then it would have different uses altogether. The merging with one another as accurately as it was done—and believe me, that was the hard part—created a greater pot. The merging with those who were doing the Egypt work with me, the merging within the spirals, changed the purpose of it altogether. That is what created the change, the doorway opening, the portal, because that is what created the reestablishment of that particular portal’s frequency. Next step, of course, is to do it without me. You think? Aye, well, we’ll see at New Years, won’t we?

So you were facilitating the process.

I was steering, but more than steering, I was charging. But if all I need to do is steer, if I do not need to charge it, that’s better, because this is a working of humanity, and I am not human.

But if we’ve found something that works, why not just keep doing it?

It does work, but it’s just the beginning. This is not the ultimate work of TransDimensional Energy.

There’s more besides opening the Heart Portals ahead of us?


What manifestations and insights are we likely to see as a result of this work? What effects are we going to see on an outward, physical level?

As with previous Heart Portals you are going to see the changes in that area of the world as a great surge for oneness and love and peace and happiness, and the new millennium, whatever. And you are going to see the old guard stand up very strongly and hold on. You’re going to see changes happening, people becoming more controlling and seeking their own way more. All of those things I have talked about in the past will still be there, because the opening of a Heart Portal does have reverberations throughout that area. And they build—the first one and the second one and the third one—to create together an energy of their own. And that still is the same.

What’s different about this one—and this is a very important piece of it—is that those who took part in this ritual, both in Egypt, and in the United States, are changed forever. You are not the same. You have been radiated, and now you are radiant. And I mean that. Often in spiritual path work there is a pinnacle experience that creates within one a sense of peace and joy and a wisdom, a connection into love never before experienced, and it stays for sometimes hours, sometimes days, maybe even for a few weeks, and every breath you take re–creates the work that you did. You have been suffused with light that you have not touched before. You saw the face of God and have been blinded in a very good way—blinded to the hopelessness, blinded to the giving up to negative function. You have hope. You have love. You have knowledge that more can happen. You are a walking miracle. You are the proof you have sought, aren’t you? In your own lives you see that your wisdom is greater, that your patience is longer. Good things are coming about that you can see. You understand. You care. You have compassion without attachment. You are godlier.

And that, my friends, is because you are the portal that has opened.

One picture of it is the microcosmic-macrocosmic. Everything that goes on with you becomes a template for everything that goes on around you, and is a piece of everything that is greater. Let me make that clearer. Do you remember what a Heart Portal is? Bottom line, what it is is the frequency of the energy—Lord of the Rays, if you want to think of it that way—of the Shining One that opened the door in the first place. Now go back to a larger picture here. Are there such things as individual Shining Ones? Are there such things as individual Lords of the Rays? What are they all?

They’re aspects of a larger whole.

Aspects. A composite. So when those who have shining energy do a work that is bringing that shining energy back into the world again, what would that mean? That the effect of the opening shows up in those shining energies. That they are the composite of the whole that is the Heart Portal. That together, as you continue the process, you keep that portal functioning. You are it. It is your Heart Portals that have opened.

And of course all of the work that I have been doing about the merging is because the larger pot that’s being created is the shining energy that resonates for that portal.

But insofar as what’s done individually: More than you can know. What’s done worldwide? A lot.

At a Sunday-night meeting in Lexington, you mentioned that there had been three Heart Portals opened. Of course we went to Ireland, and then to Egypt. What is the third? Were you talking about Lexington?

Well, Lexington is the focus.

What new directions will you be taking with the toning and energy work in the future, and why? 

This has been the beginning of TransDimensional Energy work. TransDimensional Energy work involves sound and a certain amount of movement, but essentially sound and visualization, to create individual universes. Another way of saying it is that it gives you control of the dimensions that you function in, in order that, by merging with a higher frequency–and a higher frequency and a higher frequency–you will be able ultimately to recreate those dimensions. That is very much the original plan.

My original desire was to do it without using the physical essence, to just enliven the spiritual essence, but I found that that wouldn’t work. Therefore it was by working through the physical, bringing it to the highest possible level, that this work has so beautifully begun. So I’m going to do two things. First, by continuing with the consistency of masculine-feminine, male-female circle work, with heart toning—eventually bringing the toning to a uniform sound, not “ee,” “ah,” and “oh” all mixed together, but a particular one—experiment to see how far and how fast it can be done, working on creating a specific frequency within that band, so to speak. And second, move the visualization to an individual focus so that you become adept at coming together and doing the work with a focus on one person or one specific need in your world or one spiritual function such as a Heart Portal.

At first it’s going to require individuals going to a physical location and doing some specific work. So I’m going to be asking that you go to specific places to gather power. For example, at the retreat coming up in May I’ve got you going inside the earth in Mammoth Cave, one of the largest systems of earth openings that exists on your planet.

Another place I’ll take you to gather power is in Canada, in the Rockies, because those sites are points that have been used for specific healing works for a long time. So by the time of that trip you should be able to focus the earth energy better.

My desire is to take you to places where we can work together. Then you will learn how to feel the energy, because it will be so obvious. And then you can begin more and more subtle work. The next step is being able to direct that very subtle energy, and then the next step is to direct it to a particular place and make something happen. That’s what I’m going to be seeking. But you are teaching me what you can do just as much as I’m teaching you what you can do, because whereas I know what I’m after, you show me how you work it.

So what can you be doing to speed this work up as much as possible and get the most done? Continue coming together in groups to do the toning and circle work, the spirals, sending them to a pyramid. Do the spirals individually, just as you did before the Egypt work, but without the changes that were brought in because of those rituals. Keep doing it. Practice the merging. Practice the merging. Practice the merging. Pay attention to what works best: who you’re standing by, why it works. Start looking at what was different this time from last time. What was different for me? I just had a glass of wine. I’m hungry this time. I just ate this time. Begin becoming fully aware of how your system affects it. And as you become sensitized you’re going to become more adaptable and more easily able to function at higher levels, because you’re taking control of how it works for you.

Does this work include continuing the gold cord connections with ritual participants that were established before the Egypt trip?

I needed that to continue until about now [November 4], the first full moon after the working in Egypt, so it’s not something you need to continue at this point. But do remember the power of that connection. The power is because you made that very strong connection with those who were doing the work, and the fact that they were doing it with you. I’ve taught very often the power of that connection. If you’re having trouble with somebody at work, you have a friend that you’ve not been in touch with for a very long time, even somebody who’s already met death and moved on out of this life, you can imagine that cord moving to them and send loving thoughts.

That one-way gold-cord connection was step one, but this recent work was step two: they were sending back to you the very same thoughts, and that’s what starts shaking up the blueprint, because you have expanded in a way quite different from any way before.

Continuing that gold-cord visualization with those who may not be remaining in the future ritual work is not useful. You know that people come out of the woodwork any time there’s a major planetary work being done, but then they go back into the woodwork and move on once it’s complete. But there are those who you know are a part of the workings, are going to be a part of the workings until they’ve completed all of the work, because it’s what they came here for, and their commitment is to continue in this path as long as they’re drawing breath. With these individuals, keep that practice going. You’re establishing what some call the wheel within the wheel, and if you remember from Recalibration, that was something that was used as a part of the creation process. This is the re-creation process.