Would you please talk a little more about the premise of giving to receive, and how tithing—you called it “sharing”—fits into that? Should we tithe a specific sum? (My church said 10%.) What will this bring me in return?

Good question. This is a powerful principle: What you put out is going to come back to you. As dutiful metaphysicians you are so willing to accept that principle when it comes to your ideas about karma: “Ha! That will come back to that person!”

And I want to be there when it happens. I want to watch.

Aye. Or else you use it to blame yourself: “I must have done something really awful once, because I’m having to live out all this bad karma.” You are so willing for this world to be a despicable place to live. You are so willing to believe in bad energy that you get to have it! It is true, my souls, what you do comes back to you. But, that’s not punishment, nor is it a promise of goodness. It simply is; that’s all there is to it! What you put out comes back. It is a principle which has nothing to do with some great, esoteric, spiritual life. Nothing at all—it simply is.

You land on this planet, you become heavy. Gravity is a law of this planet. You come to this planet, you work in form and what you put out comes back to you. It’s a law of this planet. And however you want to phrase that—whatever fears you want to mask by phrasing it nicely, or however you want to look at it, it says the same thing: What you put out is coming back to you!

However—here it comes, the “strings” now—when you are doing the things that bring you into a better connection with your Higher Self, those things that make you feel good, that you enjoy, that make you laugh, that make you smile, when you are doing those things that feed you (because that is what makes you feel good, and laugh and smile) what you receive back will come in greater amounts because you are feeding a cycle through which the Universe works with you.

And what’s more, when you give where you are being fed, whatever that means to you, when you give where you are being fed physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, when you give where you are being fed, then it makes you feel good. More good for good. And your giving—in whatever way—allows that which has been feeding you to continue. Therefore, you are then able to be fed more. You are connecting into a process that allows a great mushrooming—you are able to give more, so you receive more, and then you give more, and receive more. . . . It is that simple.

So, what percentage should you give? What is this? What percentage? One thousand percent! All of it. Everything. Give everything you have to everything you are a part of, or don’t bother with it. Am I talking money? Gracious no, I’m talking You! I will tell you, my dear ones, I am sure Phoenix is not the only organization that would tell you this: Phoenix can use your money, sure, but Phoenix can use YOU much more! And so, if you divide your life into what you want to receive—”I want to receive love”—give one thousand percent of yourself in love to one thousand percent of those you meet. You want, in this life, a good relationship. Then into your life, in every relationship that you have—personal, business, strangers that you see along the way—give them one thousand percent of you at that moment.

And as far as money is concerned, keep this in mind: When you are giving money to be able to receive in like terms-money, you are only going to receive it back when it is equal energy. Therefore, give where you are getting something! If you are not getting anything here, then, my souls, keep your money away, please! In fact, the preference is that you keep your body away, also, because if you are not getting something, why are you wasting your precious time? It’s not worth it. On the other hand, knowing that you’re capable of learning in every situation, even if it’s learning you don’t want, you are always welcome here.

So, what can you give? “Well, Samuel, I would like to be able to give fifty percent of everything I have, but if I did that I could not keep up my commitments to all of these bad-karma debts and obligations I already have . . .” (I’m glad you’re laughing.) So what to do? You then say, “All right, I cannot now give fifty percent of my income, but I can give thirty percent of me. Or twenty percent of me. Or five percent of me. I have this skill. I have this connection that may be of help. I have these hands, this thought. I can offer fifty percent of me through income and Self!”

And remember, you can have the money and not be happy, and you can be happy and not have the money. They are meant to go together, but for some of you they just don’t—yet. There is more to this life experience than just the money, so when you give you want to be sure that you send out and receive more than just money! What you put out, put out because you are receiving. Put out in kind to what you want back. And give one thousand percent of You.

Did that answer that?