Lakshmi Sriraman brought questions to Samuel for this interview. The discussion included the editors and Stuart Waldner.

At the Retreat you mentioned that dimensional constructs have no timelines, and that personality constructs do have timelines. Please help me understand the role of personalities outside of the dimension that they function in. How does it work? What’s the reason a personality would want to shift dimensions?

Remember that personality, when I make that reference, is you in human form. And ninety-nine and ninety-nine one-hundredths percent of the time, the personality is unique, and it is a product of this world of form and all of its dimensional structure. So personality is a function of form, and form is an evolutionary function, and this dimension is the construct for The Plan here and now.

If you are taking on human form, that personality is unique, and what is available or not available is for the purpose of The Plan.

However, the ability to move through dimensions has to do with the greater energy you are, and not the personality, because ultimately everything—be it this piece of art or this piece of wood or this piece of poodle—is all a particular aspect of form that has moved through the evolutionary process.

The Spirit, which the small-e entity and personality are separate from—“separate from” isn’t a good way of saying it, but we’ll go with it—the large-E Entity is a function of every bit of form throughout your Universe.

So, as your big E-Entity evolves—and ultimately it is at One all of the time, just as you are, but is still going through an evolutionary process—it has the ability to project information that becomes small-e entity. As the small-e entity evolves, it becomes capable of projecting information that becomes personality.

“Like attracts like” is a rule within form—again not one-hundred percent of the time, but basically. And the small-e entity projection—and here is where personality comes in—can always attract to it, or be attracted to, aspects of itself that may be found in other dimensions. Therefore, it is because of a personality’s evolution into Light that it becomes capable of touching into its greater self in other dimensions. That means you can have dreams and psychedelic experiences in which you shift dimensions. But you’re not going to have that as a functioning human because you’re limited by the personality’s boundaries, which means you won’t see the experience the same way or feel it the same way. You have to move into the cosmic self for that to happen.

Now with those two basic points, ask your question.

Let’s say the personality, Lakshmi, wants to shift dimensions or wants to access information in other dimensions. Does it mean that it has to be done with a crossover with another of the projections?

I wonder if you are thinking of timelines rather than dimensions. Only Entity moves through dimensions.

No. I am just wondering if I am connected through the Entity to greater information in other dimensions, or is it like moving from this room to that room?

Well, both. You do move from this room to that room, but that’s called spiritual evolution, and you are connecting with your own really-high-frequency self.
The thing that you’ve got to remember is that this—your human self—is not what shifts dimensionally. It’s your spirit self, your Light self, because the human self could not tolerate it. That’s why you have to be out of your body to make that shift through dreaming, or meditation, or using certain plants.

But you want to remember, as well, that the entity that you are—and here we’re going to use small-e entity—has other projections, but they’re not projections that the human one can do anything more than receive information from. You can’t go to the sixth dimension because there is nothing about it that you are oriented to, and orientation is pretty much the first evolutionary rule. You have to develop the ability to organize within a space.

So this body isn’t traveling anywhere, but this [pointing to the heart area] can, at particular stages of its Ascension, travel anywhere.

So can I refine that question?

That’s really what an interview is—coming up with an idea and refining and refining it.

How can we access information in other dimensions, then bring it back and integrate it? What’s the highest form of access that you see most Guardians have at this time, and how does this kind of getting information from other dimensions serve us to do what we’re here to do now?

I just don’t know if we’re on the same page. I would say density rather than dimension. I rarely get into dimensions because dimensions are a somewhat geometric description of space, a place, although when you reach some of the higher ones it’s not so much that. But all of it is an illusion, because it’s your focusing on fourth-dimensional reality that causes that fourth-dimensional reality to become clear.

So the bottom-line answer is, you go where you are capable of going at that moment in time. And as long as you are in form there are limitations to it, if you want your form to go along.

Having said that, though, everything is a product of mind. You are lying in a hot tub at the country club’s final hole saying “What if …,” and you’re calling it a lifetime. So it’s all in the mind anyway, and ultimately it’s all Intent. But the small-e entity projects, and as it projects, everything that it has projected to is accessible if your frequency has reached the point of mastery in that area of your life, giving you access to the similar frequency in the other projections. That means that the higher the frequency you work at, the more you’re going to have accessible to you, but the way that you access it isn’t by going there—he said, pointing out into the world—it’s going there—he said, pointing to the heart—because that opens you into that higher frequency.

Where do I say most Guardians are? Most Guardians are at or beyond service to others. And I mean fifty-one percent. I almost said to you “Most Guardians are still at service to self,” but I decided by the time this comes out maybe that has changed.

Service to others is high-frequency—meaning it’s fourth and fifth density—but it doesn’t mean you can move through dimensions at will.

This place is all about this place, and your experience of the multidimensional aspects of it are nearly always only workable for the spirit you are. So the more spirit you have working through the human, the more you see, sense, connect with that which only spirit can connect with.

It sounds to me that what you’re saying is that the large-E Entity is the one that’s going to benefit evolutionarily by switching dimensions. Is that true?

The large-E Entity ultimately benefits from it all, but the small-e entity is not fully separate, so the small-e entity benefits as well. What doesn’t benefit is the individual projections—the personalities—until they have reached a much higher frequency within their particular life’s scope.

Because they don’t understand their part with that whole connection yet?

Because they’re not attracted to it, because they don’t have mastery that allows the reaching out, yes.

How are other dimensions and planets assisting us in the Ascension process?

How do your toes assist your body? They help it balance. You don’t walk so well, you have to learn to do it differently without your toes. But generally speaking, you could lose a few toes and not notice, right? Generally speaking, it all works together. It’s all . . .


Well, yes. The big O.

Do the energetic frequencies of Jupiter affect the energetic frequencies of Earth? Of course. It’s like a rock in water creating ripples. Does it have an effect on the Ascension process? No, because Ascension is about spirit. The Ascension of the spirit is not going to be affected except in a general way. As in one body affecting another. In exactly the same way that your spirit has no control over your Spirit.

But it does provide opportunities.

It definitely can provide opportunities, but doing that is not its purpose.

In a big picture every thing is working toward Ascension and every thing—and I’m saying “thing” deliberately—every thing, while it may not be a spirit construct—water is, glass might be, plastic is not—has an evolutionary path that is different from that of the Earth dimension, and in that case I am speaking about spiritual Ascension, and using Earth’s dimensional structure rather than its cosmic structure.

Earth’s cosmic structure? Can you clarify that?

Earth’s dimensional structure consists of the basic laws of physics that govern life and growth here. The cosmic structure is what it looks like. Here is your planet. Here is Mars—it is already an Ascended spirit being. The cosmic structure is all The Plan, but the way it plays out is the dimensional structure.

Okay. So what you are saying is that the other dimensions don’t have in their purpose the Ascension of the planet. That’s not their purpose.

No, I’m saying that not all things within any field, within any dimensional structure, are all working toward the same end. However, the structure itself is a part of that greater view. So while earth is about The Plan for this planet and all life force upon it, and its direction is Love, and its challenge is to fully forget, on Alpha

Centauri Love is still a part of The Plan, but its challenge is different. Its purpose is different.

So within the Plan, you have your cosmos and you have the earth dimension, which is an illusory process because it’s made up of consensual thought, but which looks like any other thing in your galaxy from the point of view of those who are sitting in the middle of it, holding the limitations of it.

When I use a term in conversation and don’t go into it, it’s usually because I don’t have the words to describe it, and, as you can tell, that’s how this is.

What I’m hearing is that the consensus reality, or the illusion, that we have created is a limitation for us, not just in how we function here but also in how we look at other planets.

Of course. You don’t see like a dragonfly sees—because you have limitations to your vision even of this world, certainly in interpreting that which you’ve never imagined or associated with.

So is it possible for us to learn to shift at will?

At the Retreat, I used an illustration of two glasses—one with water, one without—but I was not saying this is not how it is. I meant that this is what people are teaching out there. And I don’t agree with it.

Here is what I would say to you instead: The idea of dimensional shifting is a very popular New Age idea, but the reason I don’t talk about it in that way is that you, as a personality, can’t do that; only your Light Body can.

So if we are discussing the idea of dimension, we need to change the language, in which case I would say that density would be a better word. Density includes the various perceptions of dimension because when you are functioning in the first, second and third densities, you are only conscious of four dimensions. When you’re functioning in the fifth density you become aware of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions. It requires a perception beyond the boundaries of typical form.

Then what is it we experience with the help of plant medicine? Using the language that you’ve used, how would you describe that experience? Is it shifting dimensions? Is it shifting densities?

It can be both, depending upon what you’re doing and how far you go, and all of that depends on what your Intent is and how advanced your spirit is. Some people will only get a dimensional structure, and the plants will help them, because what the plants are meant to do is help shift your boundaries of reality to dig a little hole and help you slide out. But sliding out, whether it is due to the plant or to your own nature, might only be getting a hand or a shoulder out. Then again, you might get all of you out. It just depends on where you are within the structure of this physical self, and where Stuart would go is different from where David would go even with the same plant, because they’re functioning at different levels, and they would have different Intents.

Can we do it without the help of plant medicine?

Yes, absolutely.

Can plant medicine help you function at higher densities? Can plants open doors so that when the effect wears off you can be functioning at a higher density?

Yes, that is their purpose. Your Intent and your place in your spiritual evolution are going to help or not help. That’s going to affect the end product.

So, at the Retreat, when you were talking about shifting dimensions without really knowing that we were doing it—and you told us all the signs of that—were you actually talking about us moving through densities?

No. I was talking about dimensions there, because that’s the brain connection. The spirit connection is density. If you want to shift and remember as you do in dreams, then you’re going to access the dimension structure, unless you are having real dreams or dream school, in which case you’re using density and seeing dimension through the perspective of the density. I can think of no good metaphors to use. I love stories, but there aren’t stories for this.

Try this: This wall looks red to some and pink to others and others would call it Geranium Lake; it depends upon what you know about color. But to someone else it’s just paint on a wall.

So when I am somebody just going about my everyday life, those distinctions would mean nothing to me.

And as a result you would not recognize that there were shifts happening around you.

But as an artist I can see all of the subtleties in this color, and even more. I can see so many colors that are within that color. That brings out the artist in me.


So, when I am just going about life, a lot of things are moving around me, but they don’t register.


But when I focus on “Hey, how am I going to fulfill what I’m here to do?” and work on that, then I’ve become aware of so much more.

Then you become magnetic. You start attracting higher viewpoints. You become able to see what is generally called shifting. But that has required you to be at a higher level.

So there is information all around.


That’s all there is. So basically we are collecting, organizing, expressing information.

You are a unique program within that sea of information, yes.

When I access information from other dimensions, how do I make it work for me, help me with what I’m here to do? The reason I’m asking this specific question is that, when I journey with the plant medicine, I still don’t even know what I accessed and downloaded.


I don’t even know what questions to ask. So before I contemplate going on another journey, I want to know what it is I’ve already experienced. How can I integrate that? How can I make it real in this world?

Two things: the first one is, you don’t; you simply allow it to come up, as it will when you are at the perfect magnetic point for that frequency. The information crystallizes—actually pretty literally—when you are at a frequency that connects with that information.

The second part of it is, the more you take the journey—in any way—the more quickly you become aware.

So the more you have those moments of access and you realize it—because you had a question or a great wisdom come to you, or you remembered a piece of the journey that you thought you had forgotten, or the dream that you could not remember comes back to you and you’re able to extrapolate from that something that’s very helpful—the more quickly it comes next time, because you’ve had a success with it and you’re more willing to see it happen again. Also, although I don’t recommend this, you could journey on a very regular basis, and after you’ve had a certain number of journeys—and for everybody it would be different—you don’t have to go back and think it through because you’ve made that hole bigger and bigger, so that your body’s much more comfortable sliding through it. The information is there without your having to think, All right, what came next? What did I get from that? And what is this telling me?

The brain has its limitations, so thinking about it isn’t going to get you there.

Absolutely. But on the other hand, if you’re not thinking about it you don’t even know you’ve got it. So it’s quite a loop there.

What’s the alternative to plant medicine?

Well, you don’t need plant medicine to be able to make these huge leaps. They are a response to high-frequency living. You become more open to spirit as spirit is controlling more of the human in you. It’s a natural byproduct.

I have no problem with people wisely and safely using plants in the way they were intended—to spiritually help push your evolutionary process.

For me it felt like a huge leap.

Yes, that first time usually is.

You have mentioned in the past that for Guardians who are on this planet at this time, serving is part of their personal Ascension process. What is the connection between planetary Ascension and our personal Ascension process?

Ultimately, they are going to come together and be the same. Think about a human child that goes through life and grows up and becomes an adult. That adult holds within it that child it once was. That child may have even had some glimmers of the adult it could become at one point or another.

Within The Plan there is the child, there is the adult. The adult would be the planet itself, which is on a different path.

Meaning more complex and larger?

Well, it’s further along than the path of that which is using the planet as an anchor for its process.

Both the planet itself and that which is on it are going to benefit from each other, but it’s like those who choose to study art and those who choose to study geography:” same school, different paths and different kinds of tests. The evolution of the planet is a little ahead, but when it gets to the point that life force individuates and becomes spirit that can eventually reach a point of world service and then the Solar Council, at that point the two paths come together.

For those who are not part of the Wheel of Life, how does that work?

Well, that’s very different. Those who are not on the Wheel of Life have chosen other experiences first. They’re not choosing Earth and its process as the map and as their primary experience.

As a result of having experienced in other ways, there is always a pull outside of this planet’s life force—a kind of loneliness in a crowd of native humans—because these aren’t your people.

Additionally, there is wisdom that some humans are not able to access simply because it’s a part of your spirit’s experience that hasn’t happened yet for those on this path.

And finally, many of those—not all, but many—who have been choosing to come to Earth and help, rather than using it as their point of growth, will grow here, but it will be on their own cycle rather than on that of mass consciousness. Those who have made that choice are probably coming in at a much higher frequency, but they’re also not used to forgetting, and so they tend to self-destruct; whereas humans have been hardened by forgetting, and they tend to be a little spiritually tougher. Both are wheels of growth.

So when the personality ends, all that information goes back ultimately to the large-E Entity. Where does the planet’s experience go? Is there an equivalent on the planetary level?

No, because there is a point at which they’re on the same journey, but that requires evolving out of the earth plane. The planet evolves out of the earth plane and becomes Ascended, but then it has further progress after that. The Solar Council, which is run by the Solar Deity, is where pretty much everything converges, and that evolutionary process continues on the galactic level and beyond. But remember it’s majoring in geography or majoring in art—different tools, different lessons. But there comes a point when you all graduate and decide if you’re going to keep going or not.

And all of that feeds to information gathered about form.

Yes, absolutely. There are experiences far beyond even what a very strong Intent could ever provide. It’s actually quite a beautiful, though very complex, system, but certainly no more complex than the creation of form to begin with.

We live in a microwave society, but there’s also the saying, “Why walk on water when you could take a boat?” I would think you could achieve the states that plant medicine can give you through deep meditation. Can’t we reach those levels of the brain and activate areas of the mind through a practice of deep meditation?

It will be different, but yes.

To me, it seems that would be like walking on water, whereas plant medicine could be like taking the boat.

Both offer a little more than that. Meditation without the help is a different perspective, but gives you a little more than what you might think of, as well. So it’s a little more complex, but generally I would say yes.