At your April Sunday-night meeting, you mentioned that the world needs Guardians who are aware that they shape real­ity. We would like to devote this interview to gaining a better understanding of what you meant by that statement and of how Guardians can gain this awareness and better wield that power.

Is the reality you are referring to our personal reality or the larger reality that others also experience? And is that some­thing that only Guardians are able to do?

Excellent question, at least in the first part of it. What a Guard­ian is able to do insofar as shaping reality is concerned is quite different from what mass consciousness does in creating reality.

One of the very first things that you learn upon awakening to your spiritual self—I’m not talking about awakening to Guardian­ship or activation of service, but awakening to more than just your physical essence—is that you create your own reality. (If every­body reading this would take a moment to look back and remem­ber, they probably would see they did not get that lesson until quite a bit later on.) In some ways, the Guardianship whom I’m working with now, many of whom have been on a spiritual path for thirty years or more, didn’t have the—and the word I’m look­ing for here is options, opportunities, which really isn’t the word I’m looking for in either case–that those who are awakening now have. In your mass-marketed periodicals and such now there is a lot of talk about the use of mind to affect how you experience your world—in healing, in stress relief, biofeedback, all sorts of things that weren’t nearly as acceptable ten years ago as they are now. So, there is a definite advantage there. Of course, that ad­vantage exists because of the reality Guardians have shaped, which allowed a new world to be created from that shaping.

So, when mass consciousness creates reality, it does it by a function of the mind linking into desire and passion and repeti­tion—focus, intensity, repetition; sound familiar? That has always been the case and that remains the case. “Creating your own real­ity,” to somebody who is at primary-level awakening, is recogniz­ing the power they have over their own selves, their own emo­tional experiences, their own reactions. It’s taking their power by becoming clearer, stronger, more focused in the world. They rec­ognize that “all of life is a stage and we are but players on it.” They learn to look at the dramas in their lives. They become more psy­chologically aware, which, as every one of you knows, has a pro­found effect on the way you experience your reality. You create your reality.

Now, interestingly enough, whenever a Guardian is having a difficult time, it’s because of forgetting those early lessons. These are the things that form gets stuck in. You create that.

So, creating reality as a function of primary awakening within mass consciousness has to do with the ability to empower oneself by recognizing the role of the mental plus emotional plus the cir­cumstances in the world around one—cultural, for instance—and the individual’s social and economic levels. All of that relates to what a person thinks and what they do with what they think.

There is another level, however. There is also the group con­sciousness that mass consciousness creates. An example of that is very easily seen in the United States, where even though there is fusion, there is a very strong polarity in thought. Your government has set up that—forgive me for quoting your president—”if you are not for us, then you are against us” attitude. Now, that’s pretty much drawing the line and setting it out, isn’t it? That thinking—that there are two choices, it’s this or that, period—is way back in the box, way back in 4:3:2, and has created a situation in which people have literally followed through on it.

Mass consciousness creating reality—group creation—usually starts with a trusted authority setting the parameters. Now, those who are counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists who read this will recognize the pattern that I am laying out here, essentially because it is the foundation for getting brainwashed.

Here’s the first thing that you want to look at with a trusted authority. Individuals are going to seek authority outside of them­selves only when they are in a state of confusion or chaos, when they are functioning in a security mode. September 11 set that up for you beautifully. Your country was afraid. Most people were fearful for their families’ lives. Fear—a mas­sive loss in a destructive fashion setting forth a powerful energy of loss, abandonment and betrayal. Into that comes an authority figure who says, ‘Action must be taken. Here is what must be done, and when these actions are taken, you will be safe.” So you’ve got the people wanting to trust that authority figure, with the result that that authority figure is given power.

The second part of that is that there is a promise of relief. You put your trust in this authority figure, because your personal experience is in chaos, you are working in security mode. You have fear, and that au­thority figure gives a promise for relief, and then that authority figure says, “If you are not with us, you are against us.” So to the masses, the hope for relieving the pain is to be “with” that one. Well, that creates power for that one. Do you see this pro­cess? And I imagine you do, rather quickly, because you see that happen with the chil­dren you work with; you see that happen in the lives not only of minor bureaucrats, but in the lives of families; you see it in schools.

It almost sounds like organized reli­gion.

Well, I would never have said that, but I’m glad you did.

As a lawyer I would see someone come into my office who had had a death in the family, or was in domestic chaos or a divorce situation, or had been ar­rested or was being sued by somebody, and was looking to me to answer all the problems.

Right. And if you had said, “If you do this, you will be all right, and if you don’t do this, nothing is going to happen, and it will just keep going as it is,” well, you’ve got a hold on them there.

And people want strong action. I would not tell people, ‘~’Everything will be better if you do this,” because life’s not like that. People didn’t like it. They liked to have it in terms of exactly what would happen.

That’s said better. They did not like it if you did not give them that. They wanted somebody who would say, “Here is what you will do and it will all be all right.”

Whether it was true or not.


So, you have within your country a great divide. You have those people who are fully supporting the authority and you have those who are not. Would you say pretty much that’s what you see? It doesn’t matter who is right, who is wrong, it doesn’t matter how big those groups are. It’s just that right now in your coun­try you have that dichotomy.

When that happens—I’m not sure how to say this so that it will translate on paper well—there becomes a mass illusion, a group “think,” a creation of reality that al­lows that authority to be right so that the masses are safe. That means they do not hear or see what interferes with their “safety” reality. It doesn’t matter if the other group, the other side, shows them the truth behind what’s going on. They will not see it because their reality does not include it. Again, you see this in business, in educa­tion, in economics, you see it in family situ­ations. You can even see it in your own life. That is mass consciousness creating a real­ity.

So there are two sorts of reality that mass consciousness creates that I’ve just discussed there. One is the individual cre­ation that has to do with empowering the mind and self-awareness, knowing yourself, knowing your world, learning how you act within that world. And the second is real­ity created as a mass response to a difficult situation, any situation that brings chaos and fear into people’s lives—an explana­tion is created and accepted by all that al­lows their security to continue.

Quick question: just because it is the reality of the masses, does it mean that it is correct?


You’re right. On the other hand, that can also be answered yes, because it is their reality. And just like yourselves, your real­ity is your reality.

Now, how is that different from shap­ing reality as Guardians do? Those of mass consciousness create their reality as they journey down the road that Guardians built. The Guardianship energy that works with me, those who are here for the transi­tion into Ascension, Sacred Status, Absorp­tion, for the completion of the Plan—shape reality by uncovering the Plan in the world. That’s The Plan in the world.

Guardianship energy that is working with me also shapes reality in two ways. The first way is by doing workings in One Heart, One Mind, One Body, things that are specifically designed to awaken the Earth, the Grid, the portals, and so on. These shape reality massively by allowing specific energy functions to work in the world.

You have shaped reality by opening Heart Portals. You have shaped reality by opening Crown Portals. You have shaped reality by establishing a new Grid. Look at these things; they are massive, incredible workings. You shape reality by establishing the fusion of masculine and feminine energy. These are huge workings that any one Guardian could not make happen. But by coming together, activating Intent, Thought, Word, Deed, merging into the harmony of Source energy in this world, One Heart creates One Mind, One Mind establishes One Body, and One Body brings into this reality the activation of seeded frequency that changes the direction of your world, of your planet and all life force upon it. That shapes reality.

Since the fusion, you have the ability—many of you, not all of you—to channel through yourself fused energy, so to speak, so that a much higher frequency of cosmic energy can be channeled through you and into the Grid. That’s the second way that you shape reality. As a result of that, what you think goes into the Grid, what you say goes into the Grid, what you do goes into the Grid, and, in a prototypical function, that brings into the world an op­portunity that had not been there before. You shape reality through your life.

So Guardianship shapes reality in two ways: one is through conscious workings such as opening Heart Portals, the Grid, and the other is by the way we live.


Is it only awakened and activated Guardians shaping real­ity in this manner?

That’s going to be another two-fold answer. Guardians who are awakened and activated are having the most powerful effect on shaping reality. However, unactivated but awakened Guard­ians have a certain amount of effect in shaping reality.

If you’re climbing up a mountain and you dislodge a boulder and that boulder bounces down the mountain, it’s going to dis­lodge many, many other things. It’s going to create a big change. On the other hand, if you dislodge a pebble and it pops down the mountain, it’s also going to change things, but not in anywhere near the same way.

And what I assume is, for all intents and purposes, an awak­ened and unactivated Guardian will basically affect mass con­sciousness by acting as mass consciousness does.

Yes, except their energy frequency is higher, even unawakened, and it’s going to have an effect at a different level.

What about activated, but not awakened—the Mother Theresas and Gandhis of the world? What about those who are serving humanity out of the goodness and love of their hearts but are atheists?

I would probably put them somewhere between a pebble and a rock I would think their works would stimulate others and, by their position and what they’re doing, they would have a different type of effect.

Awakened and not activated is a problem. Activated and not awakened isn’t. I think it’s obvious.

When this issue comes out, you will have completed the Atlanta and Pittsburgh workshops, and you’ll be a few days away from the Lexington workshop. Most of the people who read this will be doing so after the next set of workshops are com­pleted in which you will be focusing on patterning and re-pat­terning. Is the Concept of re-patterning and patterning related to the concept of shaping reality, and if so, how do those two concepts fit together?

They fit together sort of like shoes are meant for feet. If you put your shoes on your hands, they’re not going to be very useful for you. One is meant for the other. The shoe can’t do much with­out a foot in it, a foot can do plenty without a shoe on it. All right, keep that in mind.

Patterning has everything to do with the function of form in this dimension. Shaping reality has everything to do with the bound­aries within that dimension. Re-patterning is what is going to allow you to move through the dimensions. Shaping allows the dimen­sion you are in to be most useful for you. Patterning is the foot, shaping is the shoe. Patterning can do a lot without a shoe on it, but put a shoe on it and there is a whole new set of options avail­able.

You know, of course, that you’re doing this interview and you’ve not heard any of the workshops, so it’s not necessarily making a lot of sense to you, but I think for those who have had the workshop it most likely will.

When you were speaking of Guardianship and reality, you referred to “the Guardians who were working with you.” From that, I assume that there are other Guardians that aren’t working with you.

No. There are Guardians that are working with that energy you know of as Samuel, and other Guardians who are here who work with me, but not necessarily with that energy that you see as Samuel.

Do those that do not work with the energy that I know of as Samuel still shape reality as we discussed?

In one way or another, yes. The work that you do through the work of Phoenix and EarthLight is unique. However, there are other things to be done. Things that have to do with activating Absorp­tion as a part of the Greater Plan, but not necessarily that which has to do with activating the twelve, the thirty-six, the seventy-two, not necessarily that which has to do with reestablishing an­cient frequencies into the mass consciousness of this world. Those have more to do with the work Phoenix and EarthLight are doing with me working through the Form. There is other work to be done, though.


(Frank Schultz wrote the questions and conducted this interview with Samuel. Thanks, Frank! — the editors.)