This interview, conducted as usual by the editors, was based on questions submitted by Alex Kavic, of Pittsburgh.

What will happen from a cosmic viewpoint after (lie North­ern Crown Portal and twelve Heart Portals are fully open and activated?

All right, the first thing that you need to remember is that the planet as a whole is affected, and at three different levels. The first one is planetary life force, the second is mass consciousness and the third is those energies that work at a higher frequency, be they primary earth energy or Guardianship energy for the Plan at this time.

Life force upon the earth and the planet itself will probably have the greatest difficulty. Remember when I use the word diffi­culty, it is a judgment that is only assumed by humans—you see a change as easy or hard. What the planet is experiencing is merely a cycle in its greater cycle, but those who are subjected to it see those changes as difficult. So the most obvious changes will be planetary.

As always, any statement I make about the future can never be completely correct, even though I see what are the most likely path­ways and choices. The future is still going to be affected by this dimensional reality, and the impact of human free will has every­thing to do with it. Free will redirects energy in such a way that how things work out in one place may be affected because of what humans do in another section of the planet altogether. So even for the planet itself and the life force upon it, there is no definite an­swer as to how this is going to work out. What I’m saying is what is likely to happen, not what will happen.

You’ve probably noticed that some changes have started up already—massive climatalogical changes, large effects because of the magnetics of the planet. There’s so much internal churning going on that you’re seeing activity with volcanoes and earthquakes, especially in areas that have been somewhat quiet. You’re seeing changes with the patterns of the hurricanes and in the patterns of your wet and dry places.

You could say that there is a massive shift going on toward ex­tremes. That is a dynamic principle of life. When changes such as this take place, the usual reaction is first to establish the extremes and then to work in toward balance. In the end, when that balance is achieved, that dynamic will change so that balance begins first and the extremes become simply markers to let you know when you’re out of tune. But at the origin of it, the primary reaction is an extreme, and so that is where the planet itself is right now. You are experiencing the beginning of the changes that are going to be coming into effect with 5:3:2.

Remember that Australia, the Southern Crown Portal, had to do with the planetary blueprint itself. It had to do with the nature of form and the establishment and the holding of the seeding that brought about the life force on the plane. So the changes you are seeing now are changes having to do with the life force of the planet itself.

The Northern Crown Portal has to do with the cosmic seeding, with the visitations upon the planet, the coming forth of those en­ergies that have established the spiritual blueprint for the planet. Therefore, what you will see after the Northern Crown Portal is opened are the equivalent extremes to what is happening in the physical as a result of the Southern Crown Portal, but having to do with spiritual frequency—cosmic frequency—instead.

Therefore, what you’re seeing right now is, for instance, solar activity which on a spiritual level has to do with the Hierarchical energy that rules this specific dimension, It’s the activation of the spiritual energy represented by your sun that is awakening and ac­tivating and preparing to change. Not the physical sun; the spiritual rulership.

Helios Vesta, as you remember from the last major working, was moving from the Helios—the male—aspect more to the fe­male, Vesta, aspect. And why would that be important right now?

Because, when you’re changing the blueprint into 5:3:2, it starts with creating and goes into action.

Yes, that’s in there, but there is more. Because the planet is a feminine energy there is coming an alignment of the feminine as­pect within this dimension as a whole—and because it is a new level of experience, that means that the creative aspect is going to be put into effect.

To clarify: Earth is a feminine planet, so I assume that there must be a masculine component to it.

Actually, its masculine component is another planet.

So earth is feminine. Helios Vesta has been predominantly a masculine function and is now changing, with 5:3:2, to a feminine function. Does that mean that earth also has to reorient itself in order to bal­ance that?

No, it means that the earth gets to func­tion at its proper frequency, perform its proper function. The earth’s masculine coun­terpart will be receiving the feminine energy.

So—returning to the original point—on a solar level right now, activation is begin­ning to happen, bringing about changes within the physical planet itself and all life force upon it to heighten spiritual awareness, to open spiritual doors that have been closed—maybe “not working” is better—for ages.

The picture you want to have—and this is probably an unpleasant picture for you— is of a burn. The immediate response to a burn is to cover it over to protect it, but in order for a burn to actually heal, you have to expose it to the air, keep it open so that the change comes from the inside out.

These doors are not the kind of things that you would necessarily recognize on the surface. They’re coming from within. As pro­totypes for the planet, you have been expe­riencing this sort of change, hopefully for long enough that you automatically recog­nize a larger picture first, more often than not, and don’t even realize that you are see­ing things on a spiritual level. You are mov­ing from the weave to the weaver. But it’s a natural process, it’s not something you are making happen. When this happens, this door opens, and when that happens, that door opens. It’s such a natural process, and yet every piece is dependent on what pre­cedes it.

You are going to begin seeing that sort of awareness throughout mass consciousness. You are also going to begin seeing it in such things as an awareness of group conscious­ness. You’ll be aware of that more in the animals, perhaps, because it will become so obvious that those scientists who study both ocean and land animals will begin to no­tice, Oh, they’re functioning as one.

The higher frequency animals will pos­sibly learn to communicate with higher fre­quency humans more easily. It’s happening now, but it will become easier. And you’ll see that information put out into the world, that it’s recognized and known.

How will the influx of higher cosmic energy affect us personally?

Those who get this newsletter are the individuals who are drawn to this work. And just as that “like attracts like” force affects every corner of your lives, so it is that those who are a part of this readership are those who are functioning at a higher frequency and are on this planet at this time of transi­tion for a purpose. I will therefore talk about what is available to you to see, as opposed to what the world as a whole will be seeing. Of course, it’s up to you what you actually experience.

As I mentioned earlier, communication will change. What you think of now as tele­pathic linking is really a very primitive way of looking at what’s available but, nonethe­less, you will “know” what the creatures are telling you. You will know what’s going on. Anywhere there is group consciousness in action, you have the ability to link to it and have a greater understanding of the process. You will become more a part of the greater life cycle, rather than apart from it.

You’ll have more control. You’ll have much more control over such things as your own blueprint—that’s a very remarkable change by the way. You will have control over your memories, meaning you’ll have better ability to draw forth from the well of your own personal unknown. But more than that, you will have access to the memories of the other projections of your entity much more clearly than you do now. And the big­gest thing that I think you’ll notice is that you are not limited by the dimension you are functioning in, and you will have greater conscious access to the life energy in other dimensions. And I’m not going to explain that any further.

Will these changes make it more diffi­cult or impossible for us to remain in form?

That question is being asked from a very human standpoint, and my answers are not coming from a very human standpoint, and I don’t mean because lam answering them. I mean that I am answering them for an in­dividual who will be experiencing the re­sults of5:3:2 activated in your world. When you are functioning at that point of experi­ence, that question would never come up, so it’s difficult to answer it.

Let me liken it to free will amongst you. You’ve got free will, but you’ve got no free will. And you understand what I mean by that, because not only have you heard it about fifty times from me, but you experi­ence it: you have a choice before you, and one path is very clearly a high-level working of love and one is not, so there’s not even a question for you. You know the high-level working of love is the direction you should go. Strictly speaking you have free will, but in effect you have no free will.

So it is with working in form. You have­ the opportunity with 5:3:2 energy to release form and do what you think of as out-of-body work, or you can be here and help mass consciousness establish itself at its highest frequency and work through the changes that 5:3:2 brings about—which is the con­scious service you have been working toward in your lives over these last few years. Is there a choice? No. I hope not, anyway. You choose to function in form even though not functioning in form is a possibility, because your vision, your connection into the greater Plan, is so clear that it dictates your choice.

How does the lifting of the veil relate to Ascension and Sa­cred Status? Will the veil have to be completely lifted before the earth moves from Sacred Status to Assimilation into our greater Sun, then Helios Vesta and then Alcyone?

Let me do a little defining here, It’s not a lifting of the veil; it is a release of the shift of the energy grid around the planet. The veil, as I use that term, has to do with what happens when spirit energy moves into form. It causes an amnesia, a forgetfulness. For those who are functioning at a higher frequency and established in 5:3:2, your view is changed. You have effectively eaten from the Tree of Knowledge and you “know” what’s going on. Now, many of you already have glimpses of that here and there—scares the pants off of you!—so you can somewhat relate to what I’m saying. That’s not true for the world as a whole, so to say that the veil is lifted is not accurate. It would be more accurate to say that the higher the frequent at which you work, the more transparent the veil becomes.

So that question should say, “when the grid is activated.” And the answer is no.

The question recognizes that a shift happens and presumes that the shift from your solar system’s sun to the central sun within this universe is where the shift is. But where the shift actually is is from the masculine balance to the feminine balance. And it all happens here. It does not shift into the greater essence. It’s a 5:3:2 shift, which means it remains within the confines of the Plan here. It does not move outside of that, which would be the case if the governing energy of Alcyone were involved.

So, will the 5:3:2 activation have to extend fully across the planet for all life forms on the planet to be at that same level before As­similation comes about? Yes. Before Sacred Status is complete? No.

Will this event signal the end of the great cosmic out-breath?


At the end of the in-breath what will happen? Or will that be determined by All That Is or by Source?

What will happen at the end of the in-breath is Nothing—with a capital N.

Is this the first out-breath, or have there been others preced­ing this one?

I can’t quite answer that question, because, if you think about it for a moment, there is only one Creation or there is Nothing. So there has only been one cycle, but that one cycle contains unlim­ited resources.

It’s the difference between earthly and spiritual perspective. From the earth, things are seen in a linear perspective, one thing after another.

Well said.

In fact it is all happening and is absorbed, happens and is absorbed.

But it’s only happening once while it is happening many times.

To move on to another question: Source, which is love, comes

into form to express itself through form, but encounters the opposite of itself, which is fear. Is it fear that enables Source to remain in form, and if a!! fear is overcome, will Source leave form at that point? If it’s not fear that maintains Source in form, what force is it?

That question is based on a premise that is not correct. Source is not love. Source is Source. Insofar as form is concerned, Source is love, but form is the tiniest piece of Source. In this construct you could say, love is the manifestation of Source in form and that would be true, but you cannot say that love established itself here and found fear. That just simply isn’t how it works. Source established, and with the function of Source in this world, love established. Love did not encounter fear, as if fear is a separate aspect. Love is, and fear is. It’s the same thing, and it takes form to define and differentiate the two. So, that’s just not answerable.

What force is it that maintains Source in form? “What energy is it that maintains form in Source” is more accurate. And the answer from that direction is, Will. What I don’t want is to give the impres­sion that love and fear are a creation dynamic. They are not. They are symptomatic of Source as form.

Because if you’re not in form, you cannot perceive the di­chotomy of fear and love.

Absolutely. Yes.

If the cosmic Plan is to achieve Sacred Status for the planet, followed by Assimilation, can this plan ever change. Is it the subject of meetings and decisions on the part of the spiritual Hierarchy, and may we send representatives to hierarchical meet­ings?

All of those who are functioning in leadership positions within Phoenix in all of the cities, particularly in a directorship or as part of the steering committees, for instance, knows that there is no freedom when it comes to what I want to have happen in this work. You can create events around what I lay out, but the mo­ment I say “I want this”—once a point in chaos is established—everything works to provide the means for that point to become real. There are indeed individuals who make that happen—there is Paula and Bonnie, there is Katie—but they guide the organiza­tion toward the vision without a doubt that that objective will be established.

That’s how the Hierarchy works—what a surprise! Each fre­quency within the Hierarchy has a particular function, but at the same time it’s all a part of the same function. There is no differen­tiation. It’s not a ghostly conclave done on the fifth planet out on fourth Tuesdays of the month, and it’s not something that a human could be a part of as a representative. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Besides, in the larger picture, you are already represented. In the larger picture, every thought you have has already happened and become a part of the picture that makes the flow happen. It’s not done by decision; the closest I can come to explaining it is a weave.

It’s a self-adjusting mechanism, because the greater vision is there; if this happens, that part self-adjusts in some way in or­der to meet the vision.

That’s a good way of putting it.

Everything, everything, moves toward the vision, everything comes from the vision. Everything is the vision. The Illusion is that it’s not. And the thread that’s floating through all of my answers has to do with that nebulous, almost impossible understanding for a human to have: that any question asked, any answer given, is based on the human construct of dichotomy and separation. Humanity is not fully capable of understanding a function of energy that is not individuated, not willful.

Any answer you hear, any question you give, is based on experience that your brain can register. Your mind bases its knowledge on a dichotomy, on a system of form that individuates, a system that relates only based on itself. It not only does not, but actually cannot, understand that which is so unlike itself that there are no words, because there is no concept of anything which is so far outside of it. And again, even to say that, “so far outside of it,” is not accurate.

The dreamer is the dream, is dreaming the dream that is you. You are the dream. You are the dreamer. And it’s very hard to understand that.

Will we have to become interdimensional travelers to un­derstand such answers?

Becoming interdimensional travelers helps to understand those answers because you are out of form, but you don’t get a guarantee that you’ll understand those answers, because your experience of travel is going to be framed by this brain-self.

Wouldn’t we forget it once we get back into form?

You do now. You are interdimensional travelers, but the memory slides right into the Lake of the Unknown and does not come up.

Will interdimensional travel take us away from our duties as Guardians of the Plan?

No, because that aspect of you that is a Guardian of the Plan is already interdimensional.