What would you like to see the Guardianship focusing on this year that will benefit them personally, and also the larger vision for the work?

The first thing to look at is what I mean by Guardianship. What I mean when I refer to Guardianship is actually two-fold. First, I am specifically referring to those who have come into this world at this time of transition in order to guide and guard life force into the completion of the Plan for this planet and all life force on it. But specifically within that group, the Guardians I am referring to are those who have chosen to be a part of the avataric function line committed to bring into this world those changes that need to come about in order for the completion of the Plan to happen.

What are the key words there? “To bring about.” The Guardians I work with are charged, beyond guarding and guiding, with bringing about the changes, the leaps in consciousness that are needed.

So, of that group, the Guardians that I work with, what are the things that could be helpful as a part of the focus for the beginning of this year? There are going to be three things that show up—big picture, dimensionally, and small picture, for you—as a prototype for the doorways which the rest of the world is able to move through.

The first thing is chaos. Good old chaos.

Chaos is my friend.

Chaos is your friend, and chaos should be looked at and worked with until you see it as your friend. As long as those within the Guardianship fear chaos, they are going to be unable to use the energy that it brings.

Now, there is a difference between the chaos that is unlimited potential needing intent to focus it ultimately into this world, and disorganized, erratic, unconscious . . .


. . . undisciplined behavior that is a sort of karmic chaos—karmic meaning an effect due to your lack of attention, more often than not. The chaos that I’m referring to is that greater understanding of potential; if, at this time, you are perceiving in your personal life the undisciplined, disorganized, uncomfortable, lower-level chaos, then you need to sit up and take notice, because that’s saying, right there, that you’re not working within the higher understanding of chaos.

Do you drink coffee? All right, you make coffee and you have a filter, but you don’t empty it out, and the next day you make coffee again, and again, and again. Pretty soon you’re really not getting any coffee, are you, because you have such a build-up of old stuff that it keeps the new from trickling in, keeping it from being the beverage—or the clear, good, energy—that it’s meant to be. Well, if you’re dealing with lower level chaos all of the time, you are effectively creating a barrier against the greater flow as a whole, the chaos that you, as the Guardian you are, can make use of in a fulfilling way that allows you to release into the world energy that brings about change and advancement.

So chaos is one thing you’re going to be experiencing. The second thing that you’re going to be experiencing or can give attention to is becoming aware of doorways, bridges. What is the purpose of a doorway? What is the purpose of a bridge? Just off the top of your head, what is it?

A doorway is an entrance into something else, and a bridge is something that spans from one thing to another.

Precisely. Both of them are the means to go from one place to another. You are a bridge. This means you can help people see the choices that are in front of them, you help create bridges for them because that is a function of unity. So, out of the chaos, you are going to see the need to function as a bridge, to create doorways for yourself and for others around you.

Sometimes, you may be frustrated because you see what would create unity in a situation, but you also see those who are involved not caring. And that means you are going to have to look at your involvement, what your investment is, and be able to separate that from what you can and cannot do something about.

Guardians don’t like learning that they don’t control it all. They don’t like the “I’ve put so much time and energy into this, what do you mean you’re not going to do it?” But that’s actually pretty good practice for functioning in the world.

So, the first two of the three things that will be showing up this year are chaos and building bridges that are a function of unity.

The third thing that you’re going to have an opportunity to look at this coming year is how you deal with the other end of things. Here is the easy version: you’re going to need to learn how to receive, because your natural tendency is to give all of the time. You’re going to have to learn how to say no, because your natural tendency is to say yes all of the time. You’re going to need to learn how to see the choices, see the options, and allow yourself to be for yourself what you have been for others.

That’s not necessarily an easy thing. For some people that’s going to mean they’re on the receiving end of behaviors that they have put out into the world that aren’t really good. It’s a bit more than the usual karmic cause-and-effect stuff—what you put out there, you get back. It’s all about manifestation.

So you have the chaos, the bridge into unity, and the easy single word is understanding, understanding the greater functions of manifestation in this world and in your life.

But the manifestation isn’t “I need a blue ball in my life,” poof, here now is the blue ball. That’s not the manifestation I’m talking about. It’s the manifestation of attributes, the characteristics of high-functioning Guardianship and putting those characteristics into the world. For some people that’s going to create a whole lot of awareness about how the behaviors they have been justifying for years no longer work. And the reason they are aware that the behaviors no longer work is that the consequences will be coming right back to them.

I think that when you speak about manifestation, people automatically think about the stuff, the things, the relationships . . . tangible things.

Bringing things into their lives rather than becoming what is needed in order to bring that into their lives.

Right, and I think that it’s important to understand that difference, to get people thinking in a different direction about manifestation.

You become a magnet more than a manifester, more than a materializer, more than a creator. You draw out of the chaos.

Good. As a Guardian you’re going to open up your understanding of manifestation, bringing it to another level, rather than seeing manifestation as the very obvious first level, which is bringing “stuff” to you. You’re going to be able to take it to a much higher understanding by having in front of you opportunities to see yourself become the sort of Guardian that easily manifests. But don’t be fooled by that, because the process of becoming that which easily manifests means you are going to be changing your awareness of what stops you now from being a Guardian capable of manifesting. Another way of saying that is, you are going to draw to you—like a magnet—those situations, experiences, people, that are going to help you smooth out the rough spots in your beliefs and in your life that are keeping you from manifesting freely and easily. It’s a step beyond cause-and-effect karma, because it involves not only the form-function of “I did this, therefore this happened,” but takes it to the level of “I am looking at doing this. Here are all of the foreseeable consequences. I am going to make my choice based on the knowledge of those foreseeable consequences.” And making that choice, the energy allows you to become what is needed to manifest that choice.

It’s actually a lot simpler than you think, but the way that it has to be expressed is a lot harder, which is typical with things that have not been in this world before. There’s not a tight little way to wrap it up and say this is what it is.

It sounds to me like the difference now from previously is as if there were a benevolent intelligence instructing or moving situations in our lives in order to educate us and guide us to a higher level.

Well, actually that’s always been the case. I think perhaps the difference is that you’re at a time right now in which you have the opportunity to recognize that benevolent being as helping you, rather than hindering you, and leading you to the recognition that you are that benevolent being. And with that recognition, all of a sudden you are on top of what’s going on, instead of the receiver of what’s going on.

What do you mean when you say, “You are on top of what’s going on”?

I mean you are the one that’s actually working it out in the world, whereas the benevolent being is the entity you are. Hopefully, with the continued activation of Dragon Force, you are the Ellic function that makes that happen.

It strikes me that what we’re talking about is the wielding of power, in the sense that you have to move beyond the stuff, the form stuff; you have to have a higher perspective. When you have the power to bring those things into being that we’re talking about, you must also be much wiser about what that power can give you and the effect it will have.

I agree with what you’re saying, except for the label you’re putting on it, because it’s not about power; it’s about being. The human would call it power, because the human sees it as, “I am able to have this because of this action.”

Is the difference that, rather than manifesting a relationship to bring me a sense of wholeness and completion, I would be trying to manifest the sense of wholeness and completion.


And rather than manifesting things in order to bring me happiness and a sense of prosperity, I would be manifesting the attitude and the being of wholeness and prosperity.

Yes, hopefully. That is before you.

So rather than manifesting the stuff to bring me somewhere, I’m manifesting the destination itself, rather than the route to it.

I want you to be careful there because, in the truest sense, that’s always what manifestation has been about. You must always become what it is you want to have; you must become—I’m going to use a very big button here—you must become worthy. You want the yellow Volkswagen. What you really need is transportation. You must become capable of knowing that difference so that you can ask for the right things to manifest in front of you. That’s always been the case; it’s still so, but the level is different because what it can be about now—because it’s a doorway, it’s a choice that you have in front of you—is not how Paula and David, human beings, manifest those things that make the human experience more workable, it’s Paula and David, functions of Source, manifesting into this world what is needed to bring about greater change, at this time of transition, toward the completion of the Plan. But what it requires is that you become clear without earthly blockages that will twist that manifestation into a yellow Volkswagen rather than transportation, that will twist it into a raise instead of abundance. Understanding, by the way, that if you have abundance, that’s likely to mean a raise, but getting the raise does not mean you understand abundance.

Is there anything else you would like to say about that?

It’s not possible for me to say often enough that the most important thing you can be doing between now and Absorption is toning. It’s important to remember why that is. And the reason is that it changes your nature. It changes your physical form to become capable of maintaining a higher frequency, and it changes your connection to Source—the Star-weaving part of it does—to bring about a balance between your physical and spiritual selves in this world. That is what allows you that greater perspective, and that balance is the key there. And the easiest, fastest way is through toning.

You stressed ritualized preparations in the form of a personal anointing before each task for the volunteers who were a part of the December events this year. Is this ritual anointing something that the Guardianship can and should incorporate into their daily lives? How would you suggest doing that, and what would be the benefit from it?

Well, like manifestation, on one level you’re already doing it. I’ve been trying to get you, for what seems like lifetimes, to consciously function in everything that you do. It’s not quite along the lines of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s more along the lines, as I mentioned earlier, of that awareness of consequences, the choices that are being made that are a part of it.

What ritual does is focus you. It focuses you so that your intent is clearer. Now, question: If you are working with a very clear intent, what’s going to happen?

Well, you move on through Thought, Word and Deed.

Yes, ultimately you’re going to have a much clearer deed. The purpose behind ritualizing everything done before the New Year’s Eve working was for that working to have a clear and positive conclusion, which it did, much to everybody’s surprise.

That sort of awareness is very good for you right now; it’s very good for you to put into all of the little aspects of your life, because it’s going to allow a greater intent to result in a greater deed—a greater result—faster, a deed that is less tied up in “wisdom-producing” experiences.

So when you say “little experiences of life,” are you talking about things like preparing food?

Yes. “I’m going to take a shower, and while I am in the shower, I am going to ritually cleanse myself of those things I no longer need, and draw into myself those things that give me focus and clarity,” and “When I sweep the floor, I am going to consciously be working on clearing myself.”

Beginning the day by saying, “Everything I do today is going to be done with the highest and best intent.”

Yes. “The work I am doing here is a working of the Light, and those things which are not working toward the higher good of all I ask to be moved over, that I might have clearer sight as to what I should be doing, how I can be doing it, in the best and highest way.” Sure.

Not only is that going to help you on the “I am seeing more of the differences my spiritual life is having in my world because of that consciousness change,” but you are also going to see your connection into the higher focus of spiritual experience, your Guardianship at work, rather than your human self learning.

Why was the New Year’s Eve working so incredibly different than any other New Year’s Eve working?

In fact, I’ve heard a few grumbles that it seemed much more like Festival of Lights rather than New Year’s Eve, and there’s a very specific reason for that, and it comes with the phrase “get used to it.”

The sort of work that’s being done now—activating Dragon Force energy—is not at all like Portal work of any kind. Portal work requires a connection into your Source self by way of activating the elemental force that holds that Portal. How do you open a Portal?

By reaching the frequency, matching the frequency.

Perfect. Dragon Force, on the other hand, is completely different. There is something that must be matched, but it’s not a frequency in the same way a Portal is. What must be matched is that frequency which was originally seeded and which is the only thing that can release it. So the difference is that it’s not a frequency of earth.

Opening a Portal uses your human experience, raised to its highest frequency. Activating Dragon Force energy uses the spiritual focus of what you are, rather than the spiritual focus of who you are, which is the Portal work. In Portal work who you are is Paula, who you are is David. What you are is quite beyond that, but what you are incorporates who you are. However, who you are doesn’t have a finger on what you are. So Dragon Force requires what you are. Portal work requires who you are, functioning in unity to establish a whole.

So, whereas Portal work required us to attain a certain frequency, Dragon work just requires our presence.

Not quite. It requires a focused intent that creates a Perfected One.

Now, why does that make the New Year’s Eve working so different? If the New Year’s Eve working had been about getting a Portal open, you would have needed to be doing something that would allow you to be in alignment with the highest possible frequency, and you would have worked with one another to make that happen. That was not what would be helpful.

The nature of Dragon Force is not about you, it’s about an energy that is far beyond human, so that at a working now what I want to do is have you as focused, with positive intent for working in the world, as possible, and then direct that intent for a working of greater good. What that will do is allow the highest energy taking part in the working to have an effect on everyone there. Or, to say it another way, those who went to Britain and worked specifically to activate Dragon Force came back here changed. The only way for others to get that same change is by working in a Dragon Force activation or in a high frequency working, working closely with somebody who is activated by Dragon Force.

So, to have in the room a great many who were a part of activating Dragon Force energy in Britain, and were therefore themselves activated, and then as a group creating a common high level intent, it opened a barrier to allow those who were taking part at New Year’s Eve to get enough of a brush with activated Dragon Force beings that Dragon energy would no longer need to be relegated to their Lake of the Unknown. The people who had not been a part of the first Dragon activation would now more quickly be able to resonate with that force as it continues to activate in the world.

When those people go out after New Year’s Eve, are they, in the same way, carrying that energy out into the world, in a way that can touch others?

No. They carry an awareness of the energy with them, but it does not touch others. It’s not something that they can wield. You may be able to make use of your activation, but the person who came as a guest and was watching what was going on—who may have been profoundly touched and enjoyed the experience—is not going to find that the experience affects others they are around, whereas you do—people are acting differently around you, and that’s why.

At the coming retreat, (where the group will not have in their midst those who don’t have any idea what’s going on as was the case at New Year’s Eve), those in attendance who were not in Britain yet have a very keen desire to work at the activation of Dragon Force in this world are hopefully going to be able to draw from those already-activated beings a much clearer energy. The nature of the group at the retreat will allow for more of what ritualized workings create, because the intent I have at the retreat is for those who are already activated to literally give to everyone there an activated function of energy so that those who receive it will be better able to take part in the next activation. Probably two or three years down the road (hopefully), it will be possible for those who are not at the actual place of activation to be able to do the work. You know that in Australia there was a group here doing the same work at the same time, or about the same time. That was the last time that there has been a direct working together. In 2004, what the group did in Lexington was send energy to those in Britain doing the work. I’ve had that kind of work going on for quite some time. There will come a point where it’s possible to actually be doing the work in two places, but as it is right now you cannot activate Dragon Energy unless you’re right there where it is. It’s not long-distance work. It’s not “no time, no space” work. That would be a very nice by-product, but it will only come as a certain number of those activated in Ellic force, are able to be in the world.

You have encouraged us to get tuning forks and practice every day with them to “register” the tones D, A, and C within our bodies. Please explain why this is important, since in the past you have said these tones do not exactly match the optimal frequencies we should be toning, and that even if we are slightly off-pitch, we can still be matching the needed frequency.

The first thing that you need to realize is that it hasn’t changed. What has been said still fits. That you are being asked to incorporate D by using the tuning fork and becoming fully aware of how that tone resonates within you and what you personally experience when you are hearing it and repeating it doesn’t change the fact that D is not really what we’re after. It doesn’t change either that it’s what a group creates, rather than you individually. What that means is your individual practice learning to know D or A or C doesn’t make group work unnecessary, because you will still have it. As I have been saying all along, the closest frequency that you are trying to replicate is what, on your particular tonal scale, is D. But even so, it’s not David’s D that does it, it’s the D that happens with David’s and Paula’s and Frank’s and on and on, all working together even with all of those minute fluctuations. That creates a unique overtone, which actually is somewhat different every time. There’s a wider spectrum than you might be thinking.

For you to become that sound, as you are learning to do, allows you to more accurately become conscious of the process that the group will use. But more than that, you become capable of manifesting those things that each one of those frequencies represents.

So, whether it be foundation or creation, all of that is how you become more adept on the outside, because you have manifested within you that tone, which is the closest possible in this society.