Recently your teachings seem to have shifted from personal inner work to group work and work out in the world. Why is that? Would you summarize the practical effects of each approach and their best applications?

The ultimate power of Sacred Status is not the power of the individual, but the power of the individual finding strength in the completion of his or her energy with others—a complementary energy. Moving from one to One—one individual being moving to one group consciousness. However, there’s nothing on your planet that can function outside of itself until it functions with itself. You cannot give what you do not have.

The good news is that you do not need as much as you think in order to have what’s required. By that I mean you cannot give love to others until you have love for yourself. But those of you who are drawn to my work are only needing to remember to love yourselves—you’re not needing to learn how to do it. And therefore it is a much faster process for you than for most.

The greatest hindrance to Sacred Status right now is individuals who have so much need to express their personal issues that they are unable to see the power of group function. They’re so afraid of losing, of being wrong, that they cannot see the gain. It’s the inability to see beyond themselves that’s holding things up right now.

Therefore, I do things which either force individuals to come together or which at least allow them to see the power of the group. The 1997 retreat and the ritual there were a part of that. Of course, anyone who went to Eire was able to experience it, also.

What I’m working on as I use sound and light as a vehicle, and in the rituals that I teach, is to have individuals get familiar with the process of coming together, understanding their place in the whole and seeing how all forms of energy are needed and how they work together. Because anything new in your life, learned or remembered, requires experiencing it several times before it’s trusted.

So I’m trying to give individuals trust outside of themselves, which is just a wee bit difficult after working all of these years to create a solid foundation for them to look inside. But this is another level altogether. Once individuals have learned about themselves, they can do nothing but move outside of themselves if they desire to be happy. And that actually is the good news.

What I’m seeing now is that individuals are having difficulties in their lives when they’re unable to move outside of themselves and their own issues. It’s a huge leap for them if they can look at what’s going on within and recognize their own stuff, their own beliefs, the foundation of their problems and where they come from, if they can recognize their prior choice of powerlessness and then not put a judgment to it—just recognize, “This has gotten me through this far; it’s not where I am right now, but this sort of selfish living was needed, and now I’m ready to move on”—that’s a huge leap. The people unable to do that are being hit over and over with issues that are letting them see their self-centeredness.

Now, this is not the case in the world as a whole. Where people are not functioning at a high frequency, that’s not what they’re finding. There are three groups of people, so to speak: there are those who are totally oblivious to it all; there are those who are working at a high enough frequency to be aware of their issues and are recognizing, or will hopefully soon be recognizing, that self-focus is not going to be the way to satisfaction and to healing; and there are those who are ready and are in many cases already working in unity, recognizing how all the pieces fit in the great puzzle. I said at a board meeting that a good thing to do would be to have a jigsaw puzzle out all the time at meetings so that people can put them together and recognize that this is what life is. Seeing how one fits with another. And that third group, those already working toward unity, is who I’m going to be working with in this next year. Meaning I don’t have patience for those who are still stuck in their own stuff.

Anytime anybody’s having a hard time, feeling this is the worst time of their life, too involved in their own expectations and their own losses and gains, anytime somebody thinks that this world is hard, they’ve lost sight of a larger picture. They’re stuck inside. And that’s always true.

In the beginning of an awakening or a remembering process, it’s very important for individuals to learn about themselves, but there comes a point when they must move out. And it’s individuals’ fear of change that causes problems. They come to a point where they have finally mastered it, they know their stuff, they’re aware of their own connections, they know how to love, they know how to live—all in their own way, of course. As a result they don’t want to try to move into another arena altogether. So most of the time they’re in a self-imposed prison.

In the last six months, you have implemented group work in which masculine and feminine energies are used in cooperative toning. What are the essential elements of this technique (minimum number of people, experience and training, ratio of male to female energies, etc.) and why does the inner, female circle take the action of pushing the energy out when action is usually the male function? What are the practical applications of this work?

Within that question, there is a desire to make it a technology, and that creates the opportunity to do it “right” and to do it “wrong,” and I’m not going to give in to that. That’s not where your focus belongs.

The first thing to remember in this particular process is that it is high ritual. The work itself isn’t being done on a human level at all; it’s not in human experience. You’re getting the by-product of what’s happening because I’m there working with what you’re creating. And during practice sessions for these rituals, when I’m not there, what you’re doing is adding to your experience, creating a level of trust. And that’s extremely important.

Now, before asking “What is the work about?” ask “What is that trust about?” First, because of separation and the nature of form, including gender diversification as a motivation for action, remember that everything on this planet is action now. You’re Third Ray. Everything is action. So the switch of feminine energy doing something that appears to be action, which is what masculine energy does, isn’t accurate. It’s a different function of action. I’ve taught for years that feminine energy initiates and masculine energy acts it out, which creates a new cycle of creation and action, so that it’s a great circle and it all works together. Now the circle itself is the key. Whereas in Second Ray energy, looking at the process was perhaps an accurate means of understanding and therefore being better able to experience, now it’s doing it which stimulates, activates, creates. That was a process right there, by the way.

Feminine energy and masculine energy are bonded in that ritual in the very same way that sacred sex bonds. Ultimately, for human consciousness, that ritual is a cosmic orgasm, which is why it feels good; the very same process is happening. The masculine energy moves into feminine energy, which moves into masculine energy, which moves into feminine energy, creating that ultimate cosmic circle. Now, when masculine moves into feminine energy and feminine energy moves into masculine energy, they move through each other, and right there is a point of oneness. That’s what I’m after. The pure unity.

It does not require a certain ratio. What it requires is a certain number of individuals who are holding the energy. Now, does that sound familiar? It’s the parallel of creating the sacred circle.

You mentioned the combining of masculine and feminine energy, the point of oneness. Is that Tenth Ray, Masculine-Feminine Synthesis?

You want to be careful, trying to relate it in that way, because you’re not going to have parallels all the way down. The functioning of the double circles as it is instituted is a reflection of Masculine-Feminine Synthesis. The work itself, what’s actually done, raises it up to Eleventh Ray energy, the Energy Furnace. Now, Eleventh Ray energy is the point at which there is the highest function of earth; it’s where the blueprint of Sacred Status comes from.

What I’m saying is, in its structure the toning ritual is Tenth Ray in that you’re bringing masculine and feminine together, but its actual purpose is Eleventh Ray.

Some people at the 1997 retreat felt a big shift in attitudes about the other sex, as if a healing of old wounds was taking place. Was this a part of the purpose of the work, or merely a side-effect of cooperating on the level at which we were working?

It’s a symptom of unity. One Heart moves to what? One Heart moves to One Mind. In an intimate relationship you can share the physical and create a bond that’s very powerful. But over time you begin to share the mind, the thinking process, too, and that’s a greater work.

Now, One Heart opens a door, and one mind will create what you see when you get through it. One Mind is a representation of Sacred Status, and of course that’s what the merging process is about, building up the trust to be able to do it.

As the work to open the Heart Portals around the earth continues, can those who remain in this country share in the work being done during your group trip to Egypt in October?

The more individuals become adept at the practice of these group energy works, (toning, merging and moving energy)—Lexington’s had it, Pittsburgh’s getting it going, and Atlanta is looking into it—the more I would trust that there were individuals whose energy was a working connection. What can be done far exceeds what has been done. It’s something to focus toward. If individuals are willing to give it a consistent and regular practice, then I’ll teach them how to take part in the work in Egypt from here.