At the time of Atlantis there very many very, very great uses of vibration. It was a very powerful time, and it was also a time much like this one, in which many of the Atlanteans had come here from a further dimension, one working with vibration rather than form. These special beings began their flow, their journey, into this existence to create what would become your “New Age”.

The Atlanteans worked with power, and used subtle vibration to amplify that. Many of you think that crystals were the focus for that, and although that is not accurate, it is good enough for most. Crystals were a very small part of a greater work, and all of those lovely stories about a great Atlantean crystal are somewhat inaccurate. There was much work done there with crystals, but it was not the only work done there. Using crystal is just one small way to learn to amplify, to direct and focus the energy you are learning to use.

Unfortunately, in Atlantis—Thule (sounds like too-la), as I say—there were those who had worked with the Masters and learned techniques of using power, and who were determined to use that power for their own work. The vibration of cosmic energy coming to this planet was actually changed by the wrong use of will from those who abused their knowledge and misdirected their use of power. The vibration that was coming to earth at that time was so misdirected that in order to put things back into place a great scattering was brought about. A very great scattering. Is all this sounding ominously familiar to this time?

You have a Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, correct? This story recounts, in legend, what happened on Atlantis. Humanity became so impressed with itself that they built a great edifice to themselves through which they would communicate with each other in great ways. The gods considered this an abomination, for it was the worship of humanity instead of the worship of the gods. The tower was broken and the peoples were scattered, dispersed. That is the story of what happened in Atlantis. Of course, the gods did not get angry—it is not necessary for gods to get angry, because your causes have their own effects—you end up punishing yourselves. When you misuse power, that power always has a cause greater than you would expect and an effect greater than you would ever have dreamed. Atlantis dispersed. All those beings working with Atlantis were also dispersed and are returning now because, as you know, this time is so very much like that one.

However, certain fail-safes, if you will, have been placed into this plan. The greatest fail-safe is that everything happens not by the calendar, but time for events to come into place is determined by the work of the greatest number of individuals. You determine the time line now, you see. No longer is it said “in the year 1990 thus will happen.” It is instead when humanity reaches this point, then this will happen; then when that has been reached, this will happen; and then when humanity reaches this other point, this will happen.

These last five years have been precious and powerful and very meaningful to those who choose to work with this planet. These last five years have shown some remarkable focus and very powerful changes and lightness, not only with the individuals upon the planet, but for the planet itself. As you know and have heard very often from me, now is the time when your planet and your growth, as beings upon this planet are very equal, and that has set off the first charge—broken the first seal, if you will.

Again, this time brings us to a work that is truly initiating this planet to be as it should, what it should, when it should. Certain things are required to have been brought about to have actually reached the point to where you are right now, actually in the Year of Communion.

I cannot express through the fragile words that you use, words that express so little of what is truly there, I cannot use them well enough to tell you how remarkable it is that this is the Year of Communion. It means that throughout this year there are going to be particular times that bring about Contact. What Ashtar is calling “Crystal Light Link“—sounds like an advertisement for a soft drink—is a doorway to open up that contact. However, it is not, as your Harmonic Convergence was, an awakening for all, although all will be affected by the work done on this day. It is a work designed for the masters of this world. If you can use an illustration, you might think of people upon this planet with mirrors, and those surrounding this planet (the ones that are creating the light surrounding this earth) also with mirrors. The light from the Protectors around this planet is being sent to earth, that light is flashing back and forth, back and forth. Once that is established, it is time to take that energy and direct it. It will be a time of contacting those within the Circle of Light to bring forth energy that is needed for a specific work. It is a time in which those who manipulate that energy upon this planet right now will be able to direct a much more powerful and pure surge toward the planet. It is a time for you to become the Intercessor. That is a sixth-initiation work—pay attention to that. It is not now the time to discuss that, but it is important to recognize that there are those upon this planet in form that are being given, for this specific time, that sixth initiation work. There is a need for those who are awake and aware to work as channels this day. That is exactly what it is, working as a channel. You need be clear and purified, and you need to have a day in which you are connected. It is not a party, although there is certainly cause for a celebration later! It is work. That’s different. The purpose of the work is to be able to create a very big sending. Many of you have been very frustrated these last few months because you have been feeling that alarm sent for others. This is the alarm meant for you.



MARTIN: You guys amaze me, you must have some really good meetings about these things-between your golf games. I am interested because you talked about Atlantis and you talked about the mirrors and I got caught because of the interruptions. But, when you were talking about Atlantis, they were given power. I’ve heard you say that before, “power.” I’ve had the impression they were maybe playing with power over people, but now I’m getting the feeling they were dealing with the powers of the Elementals, or the powers of Earth, or the energies that were coming in.

SAMUEL: Aye, that also.

MARTIN: And that what we’re dealing with here now is the cosmic energy that is coming in at this time and is affecting us just like all these other things that have happened, that’s what we’re dealing with?

SAMUEL: However, I don’t want you to misunderstand. In Atlantis that power was absorbed and translated into something different. Learning to communicate with what is around you teaches you also how to manipulate what is around you. And you can change the course of the planet itself—well, certainly the course of those whom you believe can help you gain what you want in this world, you can manipulate them to do your will by learning to take away theirs.

MARTIN: I’m getting the impression that this is a little bit above dealing with the Elementals. We’re dealing with . . .

SAMUEL: Correct.

ELIZABETH: But the choice is not to manipulate another person’s will, isn’t it?


MARTIN: Where will this sending that we hope to take part in—how are they sending . . . when you say sending I get the impression of sending out, but we are talking about energies that are coming in?

SAMUEL: Correct.

MARTIN: I don’t understand—yeah, I do. Okay. By sending we can affect the energy that is coming in.

FRANK: It’s the double whammy.

SAMUEL: Good, aye. What comes in to you now is pure light force energy which is filtered through your own system and sent out according to your belief and disbelief in your connections with the Source. When you are as clear as you can be and set up for a particular work, then it will be at the very least a small bit more clear an energy that is sent forth into this world. But now imagine that energy sent through those who are aware that they are working in this world. . . . You underestimate your power so much. You hardly understand the importance of your being on this Earth now.

FRANK: It’s not so much like we’re holding the mirror out here, but it’s within us and we’re having to reflect through us, so the purer we are, the purer the reflection.


MARTIN: And the reflection is affecting many others and their self. But actually there is also, I hate to say, something to be gained, but there is a personal effect also.

SAMUEL: Always.

ELIZABETH: And the date, April 16?

SAMUEL: Now, to be very honest with you, the date, April 16, was an arbitrary pick.

FRANK: It’s a point of focus that was chosen.