There is a rapid evolutionary process going on at this time. What responses are you seeing?

Well, it’s awfully early to be seeing results. This is a slow process; it’s not a microwave process. The planet—the life force on the planet—of course, is responding much more quickly now. The blueprints have been shifted to accommodate higher frequencies, and plants and animals are moving into those higher frequencies, sort of like growing into your older sibling’s clothing. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it is in the process of happening.

One of the things that I have immediately noticed is that the planet’s shifting is not creating big problems for what’s going on on top of the planet. Just to clarify that: there were plenty of options with a planetary shift that could create earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and weather changes because of that. There is flooding and there have been earthquakes, but it’s nothing like before this shift, when the planet was having to readapt and make a change. It was much more destructive then than it is now.

That tells me that the thought holding the blueprint is doing a very good job, and that’s encouraging. I think that’s very encouraging.

What kind of answer are you looking for here? Are you looking for “humans are going to be feeling this,” or “you should be seeing that,” or “Guardians are …”?

Basically, what kind of things will humans be seeing in this process?

Well, first, humans have a very good, well-honed capacity to see what they want to see. They’re going to see what fits their belief system. So I won’t say “look out for this,” because if I tell you what to look for, you’re going to start seeing it—yellow Volkswagens. If you consider me an authority and you are anti-authoritarian, then you’re going to make sure you don’t see it even if it’s right in front of your nose. I cannot win with any sort of answer.

In terms of the evolutionary process, which is the framework of the question, are you seeing, or do you expect to see, any changes?

I see a lot you don’t see—it’s always that way—but most of what is going on at this point is not visible. There is massive work going on in the invisible, but not the visible.

So if you had asked about what’s going on on the levels beyond what humans might perceive, the answer is a lot. You have more help coming in—I never know exactly how to say that, because it gets questioned no matter how I say it—the invisible ones are doing more work, those that you cannot see. There is certainly a higher charge around all life force, and it’s drawing to it much more help than in the past.

I can liken it to wearing a brace that surrounds the knee to support it. It’s that supportive architecture that is so much stronger than even a few months ago, certainly than at this time last year.

What that means is that those who protect the Grid are helping to filter the energy that is coming through. That’s a big part of why energy is moving through Vesta Helios right now; the Grid is functional, and that means that you can have full access within your own solar system. And that’s a lot to access. And it’s a very big change. So invisibly, so much is happening.

Visibly? I see thought patterns changing in some ways, but I would not put a judgment on that yet.

You have pointed out that racism is a world-wide, systemic issue that requires a paradigm change. How can such a long-standing issue that permeates every aspect of life in the U.S. be changed when these issues are so ingrained, and in some ways unrealized, by the white population?

I would say in most ways it is unrealized, and that’s why the answer is education, education, education—anything that helps raise awareness, which is education. I’m not just talking about going to school, although having a schooling system that was set up a bit differently would help, as well. But, educating by speaking out. Somebody makes a statement that you realize has a racist origin, about a Black person attacking someone, for instance. “Why did you have to say it was a Black person?” If you start calling those things out, gently, lovingly, then that is also going to be the kind of education that helps.

People have to get out of their comfort zones. All people need to get out of their comfort zones to lovingly help others, just as you might say, “You use a fork for this.” That same kind of “Oh, just to let you know,” so that others can learn. Education in all of the ways it can happen.

The second thing is, as I have said quite a bit this year, you change things with your wallet, and in this case you change things by your allegiance, particularly your spoken allegiance. For instance, if you boycott a company, let them know why. That’s going to have greater impact.

A paradigm shift can come through evolution or a massive and quick shift in thinking. In this case, both are required, because every aspect of your society is touched by racial issues. Every aspect.

What can Guardians do to make it come about more quickly?

Educate. Actively step forward and speak out. Don’t fall back on “Well, they’re old, so they’re never going to change. It’s not worth it.” That’s your fear, not theirs. It’s also saying that you don’t find the issue worthy, and you‘ve got to find it worthy.

Guardians need to remember that what they do opens doors. What they think opens doors. It will happen first through them. I think it’s clear that amongst Guardians there are all kinds of backgrounds and all kinds of denial mechanisms, so they need to take a fearless look at themselves. And everything that they want to see in the world, they need to do first. They must be open to hear what they don’t want to hear, to change, to get it, and be that example.

Any of the paradigms that need to change ultimately end up relating to this one, in one way or another. Racism has touched all of the major areas of change this year, maybe even caused them, maybe directed them, but at least it’s in there somewhere. Higher education, the corporate culture, government, real estate, banking, economy, all of these areas are in change, and all of them, and more, have racism as a part of the system.

So if this paradigm could be changed, many other changes, like dominoes, will fall. That means that continuing the work of group Intent is very important. But even more than that, taking that fearless, humble look at oneself and making those changes, that’s what Guardians need to do.

What concerns me is the racism that lies in the subconscious, which you’ve hit so heavily on recently. I did the Harvard Bias Test, which looks at subconscious racism, and it showed that I moderately liked white children better than Black children. Consciously I’m not racist, but in my unconscious somewhere I have adopted that misalignment about humanity. I think that’s the hard part to tackle, because we let attitudes become a part of us and are not even aware of it.

However, now you are. So what has that done to you?

It has made me a lot more careful about my thought processes.

Good. Good! That’s pretty much a massive leap, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, that’s true.

So maybe everybody needs to take the Bias Test.

I have encouraged people to do it.

What did you find out, David?

I don’t remember specifics, but children were not singled out. It showed some degree of racism there. I can’t say I was unaware of it, but that test was really good in bringing it out.

I’m aware that I do things exactly as you describe: “It was a Black man,” not just “It was a man.” I make that distinction in my mind about many things, and many situations, even though I don’t say it. I’m ashamed of it, but I’m not sure what to do with it, or how to correct it. I think what would have helped me as I was growing up was education, but I never had either the overt education or the personal experience that would educate, even in later life. I have never moved in circles in which there were more than a very few Black people, nor ever had a good Black friend.

All changeable things.

Yes. But I hate to put a Black person in the role of being my friend just so I can have a Black friend. That’s racist, too. So I’m not sure how to approach that one.

Perhaps something a little simpler would be to start taking part in African-American festivals or going to gatherings that tend to be made up more of the minorities, particularly the Black minorities, because at this point you don’t even have a sense of the energy. You need to be able to explore that energy somewhere that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just being a real fake. Of course, right now [because of the pandemic], it’s kind of hard, but you can try to get to know some of that culture by seeing what is available to watch, to listen to, to immerse yourself in.

There’s a progressive Black candidate in Kentucky who didn’t win in the primary, but has started a process called “From the Hood to the Holler,” where he’s trying to pull together the community for interracial discussion.

I like that.

I could get in touch with that community. Donate some money or ask for their newsletter.

There are many such communities, and you’ll find it’s not difficult to find them. It’s just that right now you cannot physically make contact so perhaps online you might be able to make more personal contact. But I recommend that, until then, you read what you can, watch what you can, listen to what you can. Immerse yourself in the culture. It’s a very rich and very varied culture.

It’s helpful to have people of color to discuss these things with, people who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis. But is it ultimately a white problem? If the paradigm is going to be changed, will it be the white culture that changes it?

I fully understand that people of color might be thinking, “I’m so tired of making white people comfortable.”

That is how some minority people feel.

But this is not going to be changed if only one side is reaching out. It’s really going to take an effort of unity on all parts. But the biggest movement, it’s absolutely true, needs to be in the awareness of the Caucasian people, the white people. That’s absolutely accurate. But I really hope that no Guardian would say, “You’re on your own. I cannot help you,” for any reason. I wouldn’t want to give permission for that idea. I don’t think it’s good in the long run for anybody.

Like many things on our planet, the social media are having both positive and negative effects. Do social media have a place in the new world paradigm?

I don’t think competition should be encouraged as it is in your culture. I think you can compete against yourself, but you should not compete against others. Competition is really hierarchical: If I’m competing against you, there’s a winner and a loser. With social media, it is about the more followers you have, the more likes you have, the more effect you can have on others, then the “better” you are. It’s not all social media, but the first thing that I see that goes against the new paradigm is that a lot of it works in a way that encourages an us-versus-them attitude, and I just find that ridiculous now. You don’t need that.

The second big difficulty that I see with social media is that for a lot of it, you’re totally anonymous. Now I know that there are social media arenas that are not designed that way, but I’m thinking of the big ones. You can be sitting behind your computer and pretending you’re a thirteen-year-old girl when you’re really an adult. Or you can pretend you’re an adult and you’re actually a thirteen-year-old girl. It leads to a lot to behaviors you would never express in public.

And even in segments of social media in which you are with a small family group, there is still that effect of feeling anonymous, so you will say things you would not say if you were getting more information from the energy and the look of the person.

So it separates you from your loving self pretty much instantly. It aids ego addictions because you get to give your highly valued opinion over and over and over and over.

Having said that, I also see a lot of good can be done with it. It can be used as a platform for good news and positive reinforcement and loving expressions into the world to help bring in more laughter, more Light. All of that is possible, but you have to use it consciously. Used consciously, it can help change paradigms, but when used unconsciously, even if you have a hundred followers, you can spend six hours perusing Facebook or Twitter or whatever, and not make a difference.

If you really see it as a service and you are figuring out what is going to be the best way to get something out there beyond your hundred followers, that’s different. But most people don’t do that. Most people are just spending their time like they spend their money.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about Facebook not policing their messages. For example, the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan had a Facebook page for seven years, until they took it down. A lot of civil rights groups say it is being used to spread lies and division.

So is the White House. Should you take that down too?

Well, the other side says that is censorship and taking people’s free speech away.

I’m not a huge believer in free speech. I am a huge believer in doing everything from a place of Love. But you cannot institute that. Believe me I’ve tried. I can’t even get Guardians to do that on a regular basis—no kidding. There will always be shadows when you shine the Light, so just make better choices. You don’t have to tear down the structure; just don’t feed the beast within that structure.

What can you do about the people who ignorantly fall prey to these messages? Be really careful about judging other people’s paths, because conflict is usually what makes people think. There may be somebody out there wearing their white hood and gown, totally immersed in this lifetime, who chose it knowing that it was going to help turn some people to higher levels of awareness. You’ve got to be careful with that.

But there’s a lot of judgment that goes on about this kind of life is better than that kind of life when you need both for growth. So if it’s affecting you, do something about it. If it’s not affecting you, there are other things you can give your time and energy to rather than fighting Facebook trolls.

Since the pandemic, Guardians have been coming together through technology to do rituals and daily focuses. From your perspective how successful is this form of group work compared to being together physically?

Well, it’s not like getting together physically, but when you have a firm base of high-frequency individuals doing energy work, it is not going to require time and space. I think that more has been done for the Guardianship than any program Phoenix has ever put on by allowing an opportunity for world service in ten or fifteen minutes every day. It helps the community and absolutely is having an effect on energy as a whole.

Is it the thing that’s going to change a paradigm? No. But it’s going to continue helping to create a solid group who can. I have resisted technology more than you, more than most, because I really like what happens when your energy connects with my energy, which then connects back with your energy. But people in general—not just Guardians—are in the perfect mix right now of internal and external change. That is allowing the awakening of many more people and activating otherwise un-activated Guardians. More opportunity to connect at all is good. To connect as a group is better. To connect as a group working together with common Intent for a spiritual purpose, wonderful! And only good can come of that. Only. So the more the better, I say.

You have described three types of timeline: a cosmic one, a collective timeline created by mass consciousness, and our personal timelines. How is the collective timeline affected when mass consciousness is in fear and grief?

There’s not as much fear and grief as there is frustration and anger right now. Nevertheless, when fear and grief move into frustration and anger, that also leads to change.

I don’t love that humans learn through suffering, but they do. And the fear, grief, frustration, anger are going to turn into either “What can I do to change these feelings because I’m not comfortable?” or “I don’t like feeling that way,” or in some cases create a spiral into “It would be good to get some medical help,” and become a way to get out of depression. But most importantly, it’s going to cause people to look within.

Right now the energy of fear is very strong still. It is being manufactured, and a lot of that is because of where you are and it being a political year. It’s happening in Britain as well, for the same reasons.

The strength of the energy of Love outweighs, overwrites, overcomes the energy of fear. Right now it’s all about consciously, purposefully putting out Love to affect the great weight of fear.

Is the cosmic timeline the same as the Greater Plan? Are the two things synonymous?

In the big picture, yes.

How are our personal timelines affected by the reality that mass consciousness creates?

Well, very much, because the collective holds everything you are looking at in place. The more you buy into the illusion, the less freedom you have in your own timeline.