What are the similarities and differences between the Law of One and the Law of Love?

Sometimes I put the two together and say “the Laws of One Love,” and for quite some time individuals were thinking that it was the Law of One Love—singular—rather than there being two separate functions. As with anything that has to do with a universal construct, the first thing that you want to remember is that this has to do with form and the time-space matrix in which form evolves. It’s the way Spirit functions in form and how it generally shows itself in this experience. As you know, Love is the foundation of the Plan for all form in this universe, but different levels have already been accomplished in different ways, and the way that Earth experiences Love is, of course, different than with other versions of form. So it’s like saying, “It’s all red, but some of it is a coral color, and some of it is scarlet,” but it’s all still red.

Here, for you, Love is the function—not a function; the function—of Source in this world. So if you’re thinking of Love as a function of Source—remembering that ultimately “Source” refers to the information of the Source Field itself, as opposed to a god-like figure; god-like figures come out of the Source Field, but they’re not the Source Field itself—it is Love that covers far more than how one human can love another. It’s more along the lines—this is a poor example—of somebody who cooks and really loves cooking. They love how it gets started, the process in between, the final product. Humans tend to love the final product in whatever it might be. I am trying to explain Love as the foundation within this realm of form as opposed to the love that you might have for each other; it’s a universal love as opposed to affection raised to a very high level.

The Law of Love has to do with reaching that point in this Plan at which all you do, all you are, is Love, which would mean you are functioning as Source in your world. The Law of Love is a part of the Law of One in the way that twins are a part of each other. One does not have precedence over the other. They are both equal but very different.

The Law of One is about the spiritual evolution process that holds form at this time. It’s about beginning with form, as I mentioned in the last Lifescapes, and the spiritual path that allows one to lose more of oneself and become made up more of spirit, and in that process of becoming spirit, recognizing that you are a function of all things.

The Law of One is simpler than the Law of Love insofar as humans would think about it. The Law of One is recognized here as “We are a part of each other.” The Law of Love, on the other hand here, is recognized more as the opposite of hate, or even something as simple as the Avataric command to do to others what you would have them do for you or to love others as you love yourself. That kind of thing certainly is associated with the idea of mother-child love, the making love aspects of human relationships, and so forth. It tends to be limited enough here that people believe that they are loving enough because they are loving something or someone, and that’s not it. Loving means being Source.

So there are big differences between the two, but probably the biggest difference is that the Law of Love is being Source in the world, the Law of One is functioning as Source in the world, because that stimulates that Ascension process that is the spiritual evolution process I was speaking of. But it’s that process on a universal level, you see?

So, using the analogy you did about cooking, you love to cook and then you get all of the ingredients and you produce something in the end—would the Law of Love be focusing on the actual thing that was produced?

When somebody chooses to be a chef, they probably make that decision because they love the whole process of cooking. They love planning the menu, gathering the ingredients, stirring and smelling things as they cook, and they love that end product—and they love people loving their end product. It’s the whole process, not any one piece of it. Any one piece doesn’t choose to be a chef; they just think of themselves as a cook and will gravitate toward baking, for instance, because that’s the part they like best.

In what way are these laws? How does the word “law” apply?

My understanding of a law is “here is how something works.” You see this sign, it means you stop your vehicle. If you do not stop it there are consequences. And that is true with the Laws of One Love. If you do not begin the process of spiritual Ascension, you will keep trying until you get it right. If you do not function as Source, you will find that your life is overtaken by petty irritations that keep you—here we go—in that Ascension process.

Do you mean like the Law of Karma? That sense of a law?

Right. “Here is how it’s going to be.” Like the law of gravity.

It’s a consequence, or something to expect.

This is how it works ultimately.

So, if you reach a certain frequency, that means you are progressing on that path toward Ascension, right?

The key there is reach, because that implies you started somewhere and you are moving.

So then those laws become more important and acceptable to you as you go along?

The Laws of One Love are rarely going to be a part of your consciousness. It’s like the way water runs. You don’t think about it. You just appreciate that sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow, and it carves out canyons and comes down in small amounts from the air. You don’t think about it; you just work with it as you need it at the time, be it with an umbrella or a boat. “Here is what I need to navigate it.” You don’t actually think, “Aha, this is the Law of One.”

Love moves to unity, moves to Oneness, which creates more love, and then creates more unity and creates Oneness, which would be the human version of recognizing the Law of One and the Law of Love. And it’s important to realize that the human recognition is not going to be “This is how the universe works.”
Now a Guardian—ideally—would see it that way and would care about it that way, but simply growing on the path does not automatically give you an awareness of universal law, even though you have always been working with it.

Why would Guardians be more able to do that?

Because Guardians, ideally, are conscious of the path of spiritual growth. They are consciously working to move toward Ascension—ideally.

We Guardians use the term “One Heart, One Mind.” How does that relate to the Law of One and the Law of Love?

As a Guardian working at a high frequency and functioning consciously would express it, I would say that “One Heart, One Mind” is an expression of those universal laws. However, what is by far more likely is that “One Heart, One Mind” is a representation of simple spiritual growth. Reggae music, the idea of loving each other and coming together—very human constructs, and the more you function as a human, the more you relate only to the human constructs. But the higher the awareness you consciously work in, the more you’re going to see it as universal. And when I say universal, I am talking about every version of form in your universe.

Now, something for you to remember is that this isn’t the only universe. It is the universe of the Laws of One Love, so for those who wonder “Well, what about the universe I’m creating right now in some existence?” it depends on whether you chose it to be a foundation of Love if it is a part of the greater seeking to Oneness.

Are you saying that this universe is a Second Ray universe?

No, not necessarily. But it is.

It is, but that’s not what you’re saying.


Okay. So I’m thinking there are other expressions of the other rays. There is a universe that is focused on Active Intelligence?

I wasn’t saying that for that very reason, because people are always trying to give the Rays other attributes and trying to fit them into the different kinds of universes. It doesn’t really work that way.

To me, if love is the primary energy, it seems that it wouldn’t be limited to just this universe. To me it’s so expansive, it would be everything. So I’m just having a hard time wrapping my brain around what another universe or experience would be focused on if it’s not love.

It doesn’t matter though, does it?

[Laughing] Because I’m here.


So, for us Guardians down here in our little trenches doing our thing, how do these laws affect our lives now?

High-frequency Guardians working on the path of Ascension consciously would notice probably two things. One of them is that the Love that they are beginning to get a sense of permeates all things; for example, this bowl [indicating EarthLight’s large quartz bowl], which has been totally moved away from its original form yet still holds its crystalline structure, loves you. Now that’s not the same as your love for your children; it’s simply a knowing of a deeply embedded rightness that fills the missing pieces for the moment you are conscious of it. You become aware of Love as the air, the heartbeat, of everything. And you recognize it as not simply a function of Source, but as Source, which then causes you to seek union with that, establishing your awareness of the Law of One. Any time you are not loving, you are not working in unity, you become aware of it in a way beyond “oops” or guilt or “try again.” You realize you’re not functioning at your human’s best and highest, nor as the spirit energy you are, your Entity’s best and highest.

Pay attention to what I just said there, because you can also recognize that you’re not functioning at your best and highest and yet never realize that it’s because you should be connected into something much greater, because you may not be—even a Guardian may not be. The key, as I’ve been saying over and over, is Ascended consciousness—working on the path of Ascension consciously. And most find excuses for why they don’t. It’s the human stuff.

So the bottom line is that the way the Law of One and the Law of Love affect you right here right now is to expand your understanding of both concepts, to connect you in on a much higher level to those concepts, and to give you no breaks in the human construct, which is of course a good reason not to want to go any further on the path of Ascension. And there you go.

What about the downloads that you’ve spoken about?

Those are a piece of the growth process. They are not an ultimate experience.

But it’s not that automatic “beingness” that you suddenly become aware of?

A download is a very large energy transmission in which the information you are getting is limited to that energy transmission, whereas the kind of consciousness I am referring to goes beyond that. It includes that, but it goes beyond that.

Would you say that the energy of the 1960s and early ’70s was within the Law of Love and the Law of One? How does the current energy resemble or differ from the energy of that period?

When I said that, yes, everybody immediately went into hippy times—but think for a moment about what we’ve discussed so far. Is it possible ever to be outside of the Laws of One Love here?


No, it’s not possible. So yes, the ’60s were a time under the Laws of One Love. However the ways that those laws are expressed on earth are different than they are on a universal basis, as I said, only because of human choice. You have this irritating little thing called free will that allows you to not choose love, not choose unity, on a day-to-day basis. So I would say that in the ’60s and early ’70s there were a lot of people waking up spiritually, becoming empowered in different ways. But at the very same time, and in many ways because of that, you also saw authority figures clamping down.


Yes, well resistance to the resistance. Very much so. And there would be many of those in this world who would say the ’60s were some of the worst times in their lives—probably the parents of the awakening ones, who were trying to keep a particular way of life going, even though it was authoritarian. There was a governmental crisis. And while people were putting flowers in the muzzles of guns on the campuses of the United States, those guns were also being used to ensure that whole generations of people in Vietnam would never see their freedom from what was originally a civil war.

So while it was some of the brightest times in many powerful ways, it also had some of the darkest times, and it was all about those personal choices, particularly maintaining authority or resisting authority.

Well, how does that fit in with this time right now? I would say pretty much the same thing is happening, and I choose to encourage you to look at the positive aspects of it. Constantly work to see the positive and encourage it in your world, rather than taking the easy way and playing with the negative. It’s the easy way.

But there is a very big doorway open to many on various levels right now. Those who are really awakened are asking, “Is there more?” Those who are already functioning spiritually—and I’m not even talking activated, just spiritually awake and aware—are beginning to look at core issues. Those who have been activated, and most Guardians who are functioning at higher frequencies, are looking at the end of the Plan and the Ascension process, and consciously working to move that forward. Or, the opposite for each one of those levels.

Moving to another subject: What effects have you seen from the strong energy influx that came with the summer solstice this year and how does that energy work with these laws?

Look at Phoenix right now. Look at many people’s lives right now.

Everybody knows what a Dalmatian looks like—a white dog with black spots. When they are born, can you tell the pattern their spots are going to be in? The answer is no, because they don’t have spots when they are born. They have the possibility—the probability. They have the genetic information for those spots, but if, for instance, the puppy becomes very, very sick, all of that information may not get through, and the puppy will not reach the potential its genetic information promised. The puppy may be perfectly fine, but it won’t have all of the spots that it could have had.

Every being who has chosen the earth as the means of accelerating their spiritual process into the greater One comes here without spots. Sometimes something happens that keeps them from reaching their potential, but they will have spots and still be able to function. The energy of the solstice—using an illustration I’m probably going to regret—was sort of like catching parvo as a puppy, or whatever happens that redirects the way people are going to function, think, and behave in the world. I would like to avoid words like recoding, but it was recoding. I’d like to avoid the idea that it had dimensional effects upon the nature of the being that you are, but it did have dimensional effects on the nature of the being that you are.

At this year’s summer solstice, the energy transmission was very much about what’s left for you to be working through, for this blink in time here. Any un-worked-out core issues are coming up. Any scabs that cause you to hide from yourself are coming up. So what you have in your world right now is absolute revolution in every kind of way you can translate that word. And depending upon how tied-in an individual is to this illusion, they are either experiencing chaos or are becoming more connected into the Laws of One Love because they are less attached to the things of the world while still functioning within it.

This energy has been causing people to question their government, question their local authority, question do they want to stay in this job, do they want to stay in this marriage? They are asking themselves many, many very involved questions. Some are finding really good answers. Some are choosing instead to keep hiding. Hiding means what?

Getting involved in the emotions of it and the negative ego functions.


Being a victim to their core issues.

Yes, very good. Now, as sorry as I am for the chaos, it’s great, because chaos forces people to figure out what they want. “Do I like this chaos in my life?” Well, some people are motivated by it. “Do I not want this chaos?” It’s causing people to really take a look at themselves—or not, in which case there is an awful lot of blame and resistance and such things as that.

I choose to see it as a good thing because ultimately everything in the realms of form is going to function through the Laws of One Love, and this place is all about figuring it out, ideally sooner rather than later, but figuring it out.

This transmission was about stripping ego, and I see it doing that, but as is the case with all things such as this, while those who are choosing One Love on any level are stripping away ego, the other side of that is to hold on to it that much more strongly. And that will always be the case. Those who function in fear—and there is a lot of your world still functioning in fear—are going to take the negative view of what’s going on around them and what’s going on within them. They are going to become defensive and angry and separate. Under the Laws of One Love, they will eventually come back around, but until then it’s better for those who function differently.

I referred to the energy of the transmission as “Put up or shut up.” Maybe understanding what it touches within individuals can help you see why. “Put up or shut up” meant you keep saying how spiritual you are, so be that being or quit saying that’s what you are. Stop trying to fool yourself. It means that if you say you don’t have attachments, let go and keep moving, or stop saying it. Victimization is going to really come up or be squashed. Put up or shut up. Prove what you’re saying or stop saying it. Live it. Put feet on it.

What influence did opening the Stargate in Bolivia have on the energy that came in on the solstice, or did it have any effect at all?

Well, with both the Stargate and the solstice there was a certain amount of energy that was already working leading up to the event. This Stargate had more to do with opening access inter-dimensionally than opening access to space. And I mean inter-dimensionally as opposed to Martians or Lyrians, or as opposed to opening the door to aliens. I don’t like saying that, but you get my point. So this one has more to do with the internal workings of one’s spiritual process, particularly as it is centered around power, than any other Stargate would, because it was a primary Stargate. So those who are affected by the Stargate might be more sensitive to the solstice transmission that peaked around the same time as opening the Stargate, but neither would know it was being affected by the other.

Neither who?

Neither the Stargate and its energy nor the transmission and its effect would. The energy of the Stargate would not know the energy of the transmission was either happening at the same time or going to be affecting people at the same time. It’s just not that kind of thing. And I was saying “energy of the Stargate,” meaning of the transmission, not the energy of the people affected by the Stargate and affected by the transmission, because that’s different.

What kind of effect will the influx of energy at the autumn equinox have on Guardians and mass consciousness?

For those who have not been responding well to this last inflow, it will be a relief from that.

For those who are using that energy in a positive way, they may find themselves a little bit disappointed, because the solstice energy is very strong creation force, bringing out a lot of creativity, as chaos tends to do. The energy at the equinox, however, will be a wholly different energy flow, and it’s going to be about balancing your life much more than about looking at what you want and don’t want in life, or looking at what you feel about yourself and others. It’s about more than “shoulds” and “coulds.”

It seems to me that to keep balance in your life is about exploring options.

Well, there is always a certain amount of that in life as a whole, but remember that, at the Serpent Mound working, your work was about becoming the balance for the world. That energy moved through you, and your balance helped that energy flow into balance in the world. It’s that kind of balance. It’s not just the balance of “Am I working more than I am having fun?” It’s not just that kind of balance. It’s the balance of where you are on your spiritual path, balanced by what you are on the spiritual path and where you could be.

So I expect to see people either fighting or succumbing to self-judgment, a crisis in confidence because they don’t feel balanced. So if there needs to be any focus now in preparation for that until the end of the year I would say be working on balance in your day-to-day world so that, as you become more aware of the need for greater balance, that’s not going to get in your way.