Letting Your Self Die

I would like to talk about death and rebirth.

One of the things I’ve become very aware of lately is how deeply people are being affected by a kind of death, although unfortunately they are not recognizing it for what it is. Right now, besides an incredible flow of individuals—humans and creatures—who are choosing to leave this planet, you are also experiencing the death of dreams, structure, government, individuals’ visions, relationships.

Death is change. It is not an end; it is simply the label on a door that is going to take you to a different place that has a different purpose. It is not the finalization of life.

Right now, death and its other side, rebirth, are very much the issue. Many people are feeling a very strong sense of separation and alienation. It is why relationships are going through so much difficulty. It is why people are feeling so out of control. As long as you are sunk underneath the waves of symptom rather than riding in the ship of what this truly is, as long as you are caught in how this is affecting you rather than why it is happening, there is going to be frustration, upset, separation.

Death—rebirth. I have tried in the past to explain your experience of your ascended selves by using the metaphor of an infant. I said, “You are judging yourselves by old standards, and right now you are babies with this.” It is very clear to me that that is not enough, so let’s start this over and say, you are dying; you are dead. You are relishing the death process. You are feeling so spiritual, because you see the old passing away—but you are not letting yourself be reborn.

What are you afraid of?

The world as you know it has died. You, as you know yourself, are dying, yet you are impatient with yourself because you’ve not totally finished off everything.

What is more common, for someone to go “poof,” and they’re gone or for them to die over a period of time? Not only is the latter more common, it is the norm. It is considered unusual when somebody who just seems absolutely fine goes to sleep and never wakes up. Why should that be so different in your spiritual experience? Never forget: The form you are, which is your vehicle for spirit to function in this world, its beliefs, its total security system, its love, its understanding—the form is dying . . . and it’s scared.

The physical self is dying. When you have friends who are dying, you give them the opportunity to know that they’ve been loved, that they’ve had an effect in your life, that you’re grateful for what they’ve been to you, that you’re not angry for past slights, that there is love and forgiveness, that they are going to be journeying to a different sort of a system, that it’s not truly over. So that same process needs to be given to the form that you are. It’s time for those who are fighting through this ascendancy process to go ahead and have a wake for their old selves and allow rebirth. Think about what you do in saying good-bye to someone you love, and do that to you. You’re not letting yourself be dead. You’re extending this dying process for a very long time. And you can’t be reborn until you’re dead. That’s the rules.

Remember that the ascended body is a new vessel through which spirit works. That’s why ascension is the work of those who have worked through the initiatory process, those with whom I’ve been working. I’ve been telling you, you’re working through transition; your body is transfiguring. It’s been transfiguring because it’s been dying, so that the new light body could work through this skeletal form.

The physical vehicle is being prepared to accept a higher vibratory level. It has to become capable of holding that level. There are changes going on at a cellular level. Essentially, you are mutating—you are creating the next species.

Now, in a normal birth process, gestation is nine full months. If it’s going to take nine full months to create a form that can sustain a spirit, why do you think it would take just a week, maybe a month, to create a new belief, to birth a new system, a whole new way of functioning?

The process needs time.

Your vision is changing, too, for some of the old visions were not practical for the world you’re coming into, mainly because you have access now to a knowing that you’ve not had before. So you have access to a greater body of knowledge—and that keeps you from trying, unfortunately. If you knew which things were going to work and which were not, you would probably choose not to continue with things that didn’t work. But when, along with that, you do not trust that certain other things are going to work, you tend not to try them. Humans have a tendency to be very willing to accept that something won’t happen, and less willing to believe that something will. So the visions get put on hold for so long that you give up on them, because you have such a sense that old patterns are moving you in the wrong direction, but you don’t trust that where your intuition is guiding you now is the right one.

As you’ve been hearing me say for quite some time, the old processes and the old foundations for knowing no longer work. They are not what makes it happen now, but you’re still trying to function with them. It’s already dead; it’s gone. But you’re still trying to keep it alive.

A good example of that is your presidential election. The old system is gone, but there are still a whole lot of people trying to keep it alive. A better example could be any sort of governmental process as a whole. People are actually not standing for the old tyrannies anymore, the old restrictions, the old rules, but are continuing to use the system, because they don’t know anything else. It’s dead, but you haven’t moved into the new yet.

The spirit behind governmental processes in your country is past, and a new one is coming up—essentially because this country has been on its knees for a very long time, and people are saying, “I don’t want this anymore.” And I’m not talking political parties or anything like that. I mean just the idea of government—power is being scrutinized differently.

In today’s world, to have power requires a flawed character. Therefore, to be in a place that power puts you in—I’m referring to governmental authority, not power itself—to want to be president, for example, means that an individual is not self-fulfilled. Self-fulfilled individuals don’t have a need to go through that incredibly disgusting process of election in order to be able to do good. Therefore, somebody who has a need to go through that process in order to wield power is flawed, so the system creates flawed leaders.

Many of you feel very out of control. That’s a really good sign in the big picture, because that’s been a lot of the problem—you’ve been so busy controlling and shaping things into your existing reality that you’ve not been able to deal with the real reality. You’ve only been able to see the ships coming that look like the ones you are expecting. So when you are out of control, you are either going to go off the deep end—which a whole lot of people will do, because they don’t have a foundation internally—or, instead, you eventually say, “I can’t do this. I need help.” The partnership [with the Universe] that you’ve been resisting then has an open door.

The whole nature of my work is teaching how to become aware of your partnership. I’ve suggested many different exercises—for instance, the victory journal, which helps you create small consistent successes, which build a relationship with the Source the same way you create a relationship with a lover. How do you do that? You recognize it, you thank it: “It’s so wonderful here, I love it. Thank you for the beauty of the sun.” You notice when it knocks on your door, and you go knocking on it. You communicate.

Even though it is a relationship that is already developed with you on another level, what is needed is for your mind to recognize it. And you do that by creating something the mind recognizes, which means you anthropomorphize, you personify, you create Source that you can talk to.

So in the big picture, out of control is great. In fact, I tend to worry more about those who absolutely have everything under control and everything is great. I would say to them, “Well, what planet are you on these days.” Not that I desire you to be in havoc, but this is a time of havoc, so allow it. Don’t deny it.