You Create the Magic

There is magic. Aye! There is magic, and there is magic in this coming time. There are things you can do that will actually speed up the process of growth and change. “Samuel, are you going to give us a few shortcuts?” Aye, I am. I will wake you up to knowing that there’s more within yourself, that you are touching into it and there’s hope, because of it. We’ll get into the details of it another time.

There are things you can do within your diet that can actually change the chemical essence of what you are. Changing the chemical essence of what you are works for your vibrational self. If your energy is able to flow better because you are not blocked physically, then you’re going to have an easier time of it in all areas of your life. Taking the chemicals out [of your food] as much as possible, eating it in the packaging that as closely as possible resembles the original, all of this will help. Stop eating your brothers, the animals; that helps. All these things work physically to make a difference. But physical is not all there is. Physical can be a key into the spiritual, but so can the mental.

“Oh, Samuel, I have tried meditation before and it doesn’t work, and it takes so much time, and I have a very hard time clearing my mind now. If that’s what you’re going to discuss then just wait a minute, I’ll turn you off and sit here so I won’t have to hear you.”

Two thousand years ago, two hundred years ago, forty years ago, humankind’s mind was very different. But you have changed so much. You now work your mind through the association process. Your mind works quickly. How long does it take your mind to go from the party you were at last night to the penguins in the zoo? It’s a game you play with yourself, “Oh, how did I start thinking about it?” And you allow yourself to go back to it, and in 3 seconds you’ve gone 30 paces because the mind works by association. Learn to use it. You are not going to use that which is outside of you; you are going to go inside. Outside there is time and space, inside there is not. Therefore you are not limited by time. That’s the key here. You can do, my darlings, in five minutes what a hundred years ago took twenty minutes and a thousand years ago took twenty years.

Five minutes is all you need, because you are going to be balancing the seesaw. You are not only going to be taking in, but you are going to be giving out, and the giving prepares you for the taking. Here’s what I suggest.

First, do you have five extra minutes in your life? Probably, it’s much easier than twenty minutes twice a day. This is not a relaxation exercise; take care of stress in other ways. This is not a spiritual exercise of discipline; learn that another way. Your mind has already gone through these things. This is contacting your spiritual self, using what you have and doing something with it. Five minutes. Make it consistent. That does not mean 8 o’clock every day. At 8 o’clock one day you are still going to be asleep, at 8 o’clock the next day you’ll be awake and able to do it. You’ll feel guilty because of the day you overslept, you’ll get angry because you feel guilty, you’ll stop doing it so that you won’t be anymore.

Consistency is very important. Perhaps the first thing when you wake up, whether that’s at 8:00 or 10:00 or 3:00. Perhaps it’s before you have your first meal, whenever that is, or right before or right after something that you always do. Associate it with that and follow it consistently. Five minutes consistently. When you do it, fine. When you don’t do it, well, that’s fine. You weren’t meant to do it that day; you’ll do it again. Do it when you think of it. If you remember, do it then. When you get yourself into believing that if you don’t follow each little step perfectly it’s all lost, [then] you let go of it too quickly. Flow with it in the way it speaks to you, and don’t be afraid to listen to how you’re getting it. You’re in charge. Start acting on it. Five minutes. The first two minutes are an active time, the last two minutes are a passive time. That extra minute is for getting to it.

Start out saying, “This is going to be the active part of my meditation. Those things that come into my mind at this time are there that I might actively send positive thought toward them.” So you’ll sit there and the first thing you’ll think is, “This is stupid. I don’t feel anything.” That’s fine. What is a positive thing you can think about? “At least I’m sitting here doing it, and that’s a step. May I always continue with these steps.” Now that’s not so bad. Or you think, “This kind of reminds me of when I was a child. Oh, mom and dad, I love you.” Then let the thought go. For the first two minutes you’re just priming your pump by sending out positive thought forms, thoughts of love, “I love you.” Just that quick, snap, snap, snap. The thoughts come that quickly. You’re not limited. Just think it. There it is, you’ve done it that fast, let it go. Then the next thing, and the next thing. Situations that you’re working on in your life, think of the way you’d like to see them work out, and say, “This or something better for the highest good.” You send out, let it go. After two minutes—put a timer on if you must—you then switch the channels.

Now you say, “These next two minutes are my passive time, and during this passive time those things which come into my mind I will see simply as symbols, as in a dream.” You close your eyes again, or maybe you have them closed all along, and this time into your mind may come the very same thing that you went over in the active time. That’s okay. But this time you see it as a symbol instead of as an active thought. You may get a picture of your mother and tell yourself, “Ah, maybe there’s something in my life that needs nurturing.” Fine, let it go.

“Wait a minute, Samuel, shouldn’t I be avoiding thought?” My darling, you have worked twenty million years coming to a point where you have thought. Please don’t avoid it. Know that it is the bridge to communicating with your higher self and All That Is. It is the means. Don’t get rid of it. The subconscious self translates the information that’s coming in and it turns it into symbols that you’re familiar with. For you, a fire engine may mean “danger, watch out here.” You are communicating with yourself with your personal language; use it. Those things that come into your mind now are the symbols of the communications coming through.

However, you may find that you’re so disrupted you might just wish to put a candle in front of you and watch that flame. You will think 95% of your mind is thinking of the candle, whereas, in truth, a quarter of one-half of one percent might be looking at the candle, but that’s your conscious self, and if you can “allow” that distraction instead of outside noises or random thoughts, that’s fine, that’ll help. If you find you’re having difficulty, stare at a spot on the wall, or look at a plant or look at a candle. It will help.

You will learn more about this, and if it’s not through me, then the universe is going to bring it into your awareness one way or another. The saying is, When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Once you’ve said that you’re ready, one way or another, the information that I don’t give you here will come into your life.

This meditation is a very powerful key, because when you start giving yourself five consistent minutes in the best way you know how, an amazing thing is going to happen. Your higher self is going to say, “Well, by Jove, she’s serious now. I think I’ll start helping her.” Over the next three days your higher self will tap into your awareness more and more.

I am not the only access—the truth of it is, you are. You are the only access.