by David Thomson

In the last newsletter, I wrote about Samuel on the basis of a conversation with him about his nature and purpose. I had thought a sequel to that column, delving a little more into who and what he is, would be well received, but didn’t have an opportunity to interview him for this column. Well, as so often happens around here, the material I wanted appeared anyway, this time in the form of an answer to a question posed during a Sunday session. So this time I will simply let Samuel do this column.

There are many of you who have already heard this, but I hope you will enjoy re-reading it. Hopefully, also, this will help to answer some the questions those of you who are not able to hear Samuel directly would like to ask him. On Sept. 27, Samuel was asked a general question about the nature of the “spiritual world” into which he seems to disappear between contacts with us. This is his response:

To say ‘the spiritual world’ opens things up for probably a very general kind of answer, but to ask specifically what I do in that spiritual world narrows it down in a good kind of way. So in giving you information about myself—recognize that it is not the general spiritual connection. What you are going to experience after you leave here is radically different.

This planet is a marvelous place. There is, perhaps, one difficulty with this particular plane: it is very, very slow. And I have realized that a very good explanation is to say that, due to the nature of this very thick atmosphere and your having to function through it, that it is somewhat like living in Jell-O. But I am not limited to that Jell-O. I am there as you think it, and although, because of the way you think, it would seem that I am at several places at once, that’s not true at all. It is because I am not limited by form, because I have chosen not to use one, because I am—if you would—thought, that I am able to connect with your thought before it has reached your conscious self that you have produced the thought. And if two people seem to be doing it at the same time, there’s probably a heartbeat’s difference, which, as far as I register, would seem a very long time, because I am not limited by the Jell-O that you work in.

Your self, your spirit, the energy that you are, is beautifully animated and delightful, and, except that now and again it chooses to muffle its voice and blind its eyes and take away most of its apparatus for functioning through the universes, it is very, very much like all of the things that you have put into who you are. My energy is defined by the form that I am using, and so, although her humor and emotions are very—do not tell her I said this, now—unmolded, perhaps, what I am able to touch on is the spark of what’s there, and use that, just as I use that in you when I touch into you.

Now, energy can create form for use. There is a plane of manifested existence, and all energy is drawn to the plane which it is the most adapted to, the best able to function within. That is why the energy that you are at this time, the way you use it, the way you know it, is using the earth plane: because you are very adapted to it at this time. My energy is adapted to a plane where the symbolic use of words would not particularly help. It would be like saying I am what you would call light. I am the spectrum you do not see and, because you do not see it, do not realize that you are constantly involved with and using it. When I increase my vibration and change my form, I might become white light, which you do see and understand, but it is not necessary. My existence works with a part of you that is not the one within the form.

When I leave you it is not a sort of situation in which I get into my truck and drive a different way, and there are not those with whom I chat about things. I be. I reconnect with the One. I am.

Do you have emotions?

Samuel: Nay, dear, I do not have emotions. I do, however, use emotions. I use that which I can spark through the form to be able to get across the teaching that is needed at the time. And in fact some of you may have experienced this: there are times that, by sparking that in order to teach, it will create with this form a response such as tears, as though the form that she is is saying, “Well, now, when the vibration is like this there should be tears.” It is using this form that gives you the idea that I have a personality, and when I am talking to you within your mind, it is using your form to bring my energy into, your subconscious self, which then translates it to your conscious self, that says, “Ah, this is funny.” It is very difficult to explain that which is not a part of this existence with words that are.

Understand this: my work is to communicate here right now, and, in order to do that, in order to use this form, I have taken on a certain amount of limitation, which is to say a certain amount of whatever is needed to make that communication process. To use words there is a limitation, because the words do not translate. It is far better to use seed thought, and that’s why, when you come here, you often experience very much additional information and thought and touch and communication beyond just what is used [said]. However, in order to get the work done, there is a definite essence and, it would even seem, personality, and what I have done is I have chosen to draw upon the experiences that I have had when I have chosen to take on form, to be able to give that ability to communicate, to use, to emote, to teach. Unfortunately there are times when it’s not quite up to date enough, or when the humor is not quite understood. But that is not what I am. That is simply a version that is given for this, just as this [ personality] is not what you are. It is simply a version used to gain what you need at the time.