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This tour is specifically designed to bring healing and balance to the great Crystalline StarGate over western Arkansas!

Working in the sacred and powerful vortex energies of Arkansas’ three major energy portals will allow us to recalibrate and reactivate the ancient double StarGate.

Click here to download the trip brochure and registration form.

We’re sorry but due to the number of room options, we’re unable to accept online payments for this trip.


We’re sorry but due to the number of room options, we’re unable to accept online payments for this trip.

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  1. Frank Schultz May 17, 2017 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Dear Friends,

    We wanted to share a bit more information about transportation regarding the trip:

    1. First, of course, the transfer from DeGray State Resort Park to Queen Wilhelmena State Park IS included in the cost of the trip. Also, we’ll be making a stop or two on the way to Queen Wilhelmena. However, if you drive to Arkansas, you’ll want to follow the bus and drive from DeGray to Queen Wilhelmena or else your car will be stuck at deGray state park while you are at Wilhelmena State Park. And, the trip ends at Queen Wilhelmena State Park.

    2. Airport transfers are not included in the cost of the trip because we’ve found that it is just too hard to co-ordinate these when people are arriving and departing at different times and even on different days. Also, with many people driving, not only is there no way to get an accurate count of people needing transportation, we can’t include the cost of these transfers when many people won’t be using them.

    But we’ve checked with two companies that offer transportation from and to the airport and they both will take people from the Little Rock airport to DeGray State Park and from Queen Wilhelmena State Park to the Little Rock airport. Of course the cost depends on the number of people being transported. We’re sure there are other companies also, but wanted to at least offer you two options. By the way, Little Rock Tours is the company that is providing the transportation for our site visits and moving from DeGray to Queen Wilhelmena.


    Intercity Transportation
    (501) 247-8006

    Little Rock Tours

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