Reconfiguring the Matrix of Consciousness


By September the energetic matrices maintaining the old structure were being dissolved. Now they are reforming, bringing a new clarity, as a result, generating new truths for all who are willing to see and hear. This is created an ascended revolution.

This is pivotal time.

The earth and life force have come through a powerful date with destiny that can be seen as chaotic and destabilizing. your help is needed to ensure this transition time is focused on the truth of love, positive possibilities, and the Greater Vision.

Samuel discusses:

  • what's going on now;
  • what's coming up;
  • how to be your best during trying times;
  • how to help those around you now;
  • functioning in Ascended Densities.

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Samuel’s “Reconfiguring the Matrix of Consciousness” series focuses on the changes bringing about an ascended revolution and how we can ensure this time of transition is focused on the truth of Love, positivity, and the Greater Vision. During his last Lifescapes of this Series, Samuel’s discussions include: that the way the world is now working looks a lot like The Matrix movie; the imperative of recognizing where fear shows up in our lives and why we allow it there; fear and pain’s role in the matrix that binds us; why religion, dogma, and rules help maintain the status quo; the empowering nature of unity and balance; the requirements for functioning in unity; knowing whether we are balanced; how to claim our divinity; our non-terrestrial origins, our multidimensional nature, and being a star seed; a short review from the out-breath of Source through the Twelve Densities; getting caught up in the entertainment of the illusion and the dangers and resistance it creates; and the seven high frequency energetic systems or solar systems that we are a part of.
Samuel’s “Reconfiguring the Matrix of Consciousness” series focuses on the changes that are bringing about an ascended revolution and what we can do to ensure this time of transition is focused on the truth of Love, positivity, and the Greater Vision. As this meeting begins, in response to a question about the very recent Paris terrorist attack, Samuel briefly discusses the different roles people take to help awaken others, as well as what determines whether we are in pain and/or sad. He then moves into the focus of this Lifescapes with discussion including: a detailed explanation of the Matrix in which he starts by saying that the movie was “very Source Field, very prescient, scarily so, and very correct;” the choice in front of each Guardian; the world’s tipping point; the origins of greed and the need for power, and why money can turn powerful people into sheep; shifting from Third to Fourth Density, and why moving into Fourth Density is not enough; moving into the Fifth Density, and the problems we can create there; how unity and community move us out of “we are not enough” thinking into multidimensional and unlimited functioning; how “rules” can cause us to function at lower densities; moving from Fifth Density to Sixth and Seventh Density, and the “symptoms” of living in Sixth and Seventh Density; serving humanity as a group soul; the importance of manifesting our dreams and needing to know what we want in 2016; Divine Consciousness, claiming and living our Divinity; and the need to be aware of what can drag us back into lower frequencies.

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