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Summer 2023

Besides racism, it seems that one of the other big paradigms that need to change in order to anchor this world into a Fifth-Density timeline is patriarchy. From a spiritual perspective, in what ways are the two paradigms similar and different?

Well first let me toss out something kind of strange that may prove to be interesting. Racism is a paradigm that absolutely must change, and there are aspects of patriarchy that need to change, but patriarchy as a whole does not need to change in order for Fifth Density to function fully in the world and for the Ascension process and spiritual evolution to continue.

Patriarchy is an out-of-balance version of governmental function—and I’m not necessarily referring to political function, although that’s a part of it; by governmental I mean the governing premise. The male body has certain advantages, and the female has others; and those respective advantages alone should not figure into how the world works. But they have created a “power over” function that creates problems.

What I’m trying to say is that the idea of patriarchy is not a problem; it’s when it becomes “better than you who are not male.” That’s the problem. A matriarchy can be just as abusive as a patriarchy. Insofar as masculine and feminine energy functioning through the world goes, it’s patriarchy’s turn, if you will, because it’s always a cycle.

So it’s racism along with a negative version of patriarchy. That needs to be made clear because right now in this society, when you think of patriarchy you think of the abuses of a male-dominated society, particularly, more often than not, a white-male led society, but I’m not talking about that when I am referring to patriarchy. Racism can most definitely be a part of patriarchy, but patriarchy as I am defining it does not automatically create racism.

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